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Mitsui Chemicals supports RSS (Really Simple Syndication; Rich Site Summary) feed formats for users to read streaming news release titles.

About RSS

RSS is a document streaming format which enables users to view the latest news and updates using an RSS-compatible browser and dedicated RSS reader. RSS allows users to access their desired information automatically without having to check the website.

How to Use RSS

To use RSS, users must first obtain RSS Reader software or register with an online service which supports the RSS format. RSS readers offer users a variety of streaming formats at no cost, so select one which is suited to your user settings.

Mitsui Chemicals News Release

RSS https://jp.mitsuichemicals.com/en/release/release.rdf

Mitsui Chemicals IR News

RSS https://jp.mitsuichemicals.com/en/ir/release.rdf

Mitsui Chemicals Sustainability News

RSS https://jp.mitsuichemicals.com/en/sustainability/release.rdf

Mitsui Chemicals R&D and Technology News

RSS https://jp.mitsuichemicals.com/en/techno/release.rdf

Services may be discontinued without prior notice due to system backups.
RSS content and formats may change without prior warning.
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