Health Care Business Sector

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By strengthening and expanding our existing businesses and establishing new growth platforms through peripheral and downstream business development, we aim to provide products and services that improve quality of life (QOL) to achieve health and well-being in an aging society.

Basic information Business overview & Strategies

Business Vision

Challenges of society

Interest in health is growing due to the declining birth rate and aging population in developed countries and economic growth in emerging countries. Customer values have diversified and individual preferences and needs are expanding. Customers now look for “care” depending on their lifestyles.

Business vision

We aim to establish new growth platforms for the Mitsui Chemicals Group by leveraging chemical innovation to create and provide products and services that help improve QOL.

Market analysis and strategies

Opportunities and risks

Vision care

  • Global market growth


  • Growing export market for premium baby diapers and stable growth in domestic adult diaper market
  • Intensifying competition in East and Southeast Asia

Dental materials

  • Rapid changes in trends (shift towards smaller instruments) and expansion in digital dental technology market


Vision care

  • Broad product lineup


  • Consistent technological capabilities, from base resins to processing
  • Strong customer base

Dental materials

  • Global brand power
  • R&D capabilities ranging from raw materials to dental materials

Basic strategies

  • Expand existing businesses by steadily tapping growth demand
  • Step up development of new products and businesses that help improve QOL
  • Harness M&As and alliances to expand and reinforce business platforms

Specific strategies

Vision care

  • Further expand business by developing and bringing new products to market


  • Maximize production and sales through strategic alliances with customers
  • Steadily execute production capacity expansion plans

Dental materials

  • Expand business by launching products that support and promote digitalization

Main Products

Vision Care Materials

Ophthalmic lens materials (MR™, RAV7™), Photochromic lens materials (SunSensors™)
Highly-functional lens materials (UV+420cut™, NeoContrast™)
Lens coating materials


Nonwovens (SYNTEX™, TAFNEL™, AIRYFA™), Breathable films (ESPOIR™), Polyolefin synthetic pulp (SWP™, KEMIBESTO™)

Personal Care Materials

Acrylamide, Medical materials, Bio chemicals(Methacrylamide), Medical Materials(Taurine, Serine, PLGA™)、Home Care Materials(DMI™)

Dental Materials

Restoratives (Charisma™, Venus™), Adhesives (Super-Bond™, iBOND™), Artificial teeth, Denture materials (PALA™), Impression (Flexitime™), Digital equipment / materials (cara™, DIMA™)

Market growth rate for key products

Vision care Ophthalmic lens materials
(MR™, RAV7™)
Nonwovens SYNTEX™
(high-performance spunbonded nonwoven hygiene materials)


Departments and Products

Vision Care Materials Division


High R.I. Lens Materials

Low R.I. Lens Materials

Highly-Functional Lens Materials

Eco-Conscious Lens Materials

Lens Coating Materials

Nonwovens Division

  • SYNTEX™(spunbonded nonwovenpolypropylene fabric)
  • SYNTEX™ MB (Melt blown nonwoven)
  • TAFNEL™ (spunbonded nonwoven polypropylene matting)
  • TAFNEL™Oil Blotter™ (Oil Adsorbent)
  • Toxsolight
  • ESPOIR™ (breathable film)
  • SWP™ (polyolefin synthetic pulp)

Blue Value™ and Rose Value™ products in the Health Care domain

Blue Value Environmental contribution value
Rose Value QOL improvement value
Rose Value

Ophthalmic lens materials


  • Extends healthy life expectancy

Contributes to vision correction, eye health, and comfort.

Rose Value

Nonwoven fabric for disposable diapers


  • Addresses declining birth rate and aging population

Pursues the basics of being leakproof, breathable, and unlikely to cause diaper rash, as well as a higher level of functionality, such as comfort and a snug fit.

Blue ValueRose Value

Ophthalmic lens materials

Do Green™ MR-174™

  • Reduces CO2
  • Conserves resources
  • Extends healthy life expectancy

Reduces fossil resource consumption with use of bio-based raw materials.

Blue ValueRose Value

Nonwoven fabric for disposable diapers


  • Reduces CO2
  • Conserves resources
  • Addresses declining birth rate and aging population

Reduces amount of waste by using a fiber structure that offers both softness and strength. Disposable diapers support comfortable living for babies and their carers.

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