Material for eyeglass lenses


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A polarized lens that reduces glare and reflected light to ensure viewing clarity



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This lens material applies polarization technology to reduce light scattering and provide a clear view. It withstands use under wet conditions and is suitable for outdoor use.


Reduces Glare

The polarized film blocks bright light reflected from water or other surfaces. Unlike normal sunglasses, it also reduces glare.

Water Resistance

The incorporated PET polarized film exhibits high water resistance. The lens will resist discoloration even after extended use under wet conditions.* It’s ideal for fishing and water sports.

*Based on the results of in-house water resistance tests

In-house water resistance test (immersion for 100 hours in tap water at room temperature)
Blocking the Wavelengths That Cause Glare

NeoContrast™ technology*, which blocks the specific wavelengths of light that cause glare, provides greater viewing clarity.

*Proprietary technology for blocking specific wavelengths of light

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