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By bringing together the collective strengths of the Mitsui Chemicals Group, we continue to push ahead with the development of businesses that help solve challenges faced by society; namely, the need to boost food production, reduce food loss, and ensure food safety and security.

Basic information Business overview & Strategies

Fiscal 2018 Business Overview

Sales by product

Sales by product

Sales by region

Sales by region

Trends in net sales and operating income (¥ bn)

Trends in net sales and operating income (¥ bn)

Fiscal 2025 target

Operating income of ¥40bn + new businesses

We recognize the need to boost food production, reduce food loss and waste, ensure food safety and security, and reduce environmental impacts as part of our efforts to address issues faced by society. In addition to focusing on high-growth and high value-added markets, we aim to tap growing demand overseas, especially in Asia, to further expand our business. In addition, we will endeavor to promote collaboration between business divisions in developing core products for the next stage of growth.

Growth strategies

  • In agrochemicals, we will continue to sustain growth from next generation active ingredients, reinforce R&D, and strengthen our overseas business platforms.
  • In coating & engineering materials, we will endeavor to steadily generate real demand for new products and brands and expand the scale of each product cluster by accelerating our overseas expansion.
  • In functional films & sheets, we will aim to accelerate our overseas expansion of food packaging films and expand business scale for industrial films.
  • In order to accelerate growth in the food packaging business, we will launch businesses offering solutions for maintaining food quality and expand our packaging materials business on a Group-wide basis.

Investment strategies

  • In agrochemicals, we will steadily push ahead with capital investments in next generation active ingredients and aim to further accelerate growth.
  • In functional films & sheets, we will actively carry out capital investments with the aim of bolstering our business platform for packaging films and expanding the scale of industrial films.

Fiscal 2019 plan

Despite the risk of higher raw material prices, in fiscal 2019, we expect to be able to ensure a stable earnings base by expanding sales against a backdrop of firm domestic demand and growth in overseas operations. We will further step up marketing in mainly Asian markets to expand sales of our specialty isocyanate products, high-performance packaging materials, mainstay insecticides, and the next generation active ingredient TENEBENAL™.

Functional films and sheets (Packaging films field)
High-performance food packaging materials and expansion in Asia

The packaging materials market in Asia has considerable growth potential thanks to rising living standards and the development of the region as a food processing and export hub. The Group has a lead on our rivals with production bases in Asia for products like T.U.X™, a high-performance sealant film, and EVOLUE™, one of the raw materials used in the former’s production for which we boast a roughly 60% market share in Asia. Other products include multi-material adhesives to meticulously meet consumer needs; namely, TAKENATE™, TAKELAC™, and ADMER™. We continue to expand our operations in Asia through cross-organizational marketing and technical support.

TOPICS AdFresh™ special packaging material for long-term storage and imports/exports

AdFresh™ is a packaging film manufactured using our special polymers. Although the film is processed without micropores, it functions as a modified atmosphere film to suppress the respiration of fruits and vegetables based on its gas permeability, thus keeping produce fresh over long storage periods.
The effectiveness* of the product is currently being tested at sites where fruit is harvested and distributed. And with the aim of application for long-term storage and export, we are also taking part in consortiums for leading-edge and regional strategy projects implemented under the government’s scheme for subsidizing innovative technology development and emergency deployment businesses.
We are currently engaged in marketing activities with the aim of bringing this product to market in fiscal 2019.

*AdFresh™ has demonstrated long-term storage of grapes (Shine Muscat variety; roughly 5 months), persimmons (Fuyu; 4.5 months; see case example), and apples (Orin; 3 months). We have also confirmed that the product helps control anthracnose (dark spots on skin) in mangoes (Irwin).

Fuyu persimmons stored in refrigerator
(at 0°C for roughly 4.5 months)

After 4.5 months
Appearance and eating quality almost the same as when harvested
After two months
Soft flesh, discoloration, and rot

Functional films and sheets (Industrial films and sheets field)
Strengths of ICROS™ Tape and further expansion

ICROS™ Tape is a surface protection tape used during silicon wafer backgrinding in the post-fabrication process for semiconductors. Of the major competitive manufacturers of this kind of tape, we are the only company that manufactures and processes resins, and we possess the largest share of the global market because we differentiate ourselves with resin design and film forming technologies.

Establishment of new plant

Demand for semiconductors is expanding on the back of IoT and other technological innovations. Accordingly, we are setting up a new plant for ICROS™ Tape in Taiwan where the demand is stronger than anywhere else in the world. We aim to increase our supply capacity by 50%, build a stable supply system, and further expand business.


What is ICROS™ Tape?

What is ICROS™ Tape?

Global share of ICROS™ Tape

Global share of ICROS™ Tape

Coating & engineering materials
Extensive lineup of products and a broad range of applications

To better meet the varied needs of consumers, we are developing a wide range of applications for products in our extensive lineup of coating and engineering materials, including TAKENATE™, TAKELAC™, and CHEMIPEARL™, all of which are used in high-performance packaging materials. We were the first in the world to develop the specialty isocyanates FORTIMO™ and STABiO™. These products join a lineup that includes meta-xylylene diisocyanate (XDI), a high-performance product that enjoys wide market recognition. We are developing a broad range of applications for this lineup of specialty isocyanates as well as derivative products that incorporate them. All our products create new customer value and are expected to help strengthen and expand the coating & engineering materials business.


Car paint



Packaging materials



Sealing materials for construction



Injection-molded items


High-performance agrochemicals to help ensure stable food supply

Agricultural production will likely continue to expand over the medium- to long-term due to growing demand for produce, driven by global population increase and economic development in emerging countries. In order to bring to market agrochemical products that boost crop yields in line with local needs, Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. is working to strengthen its overseas business platforms, especially in Asia.
For the insecticide dinotefuran and other active ingredients, the company is drawing on the expertise of its partners to develop agrochemical products and accelerate registration and market launch in more countries. For next generation active ingredients, we are currently developing the insecticide TENEBENAL™ (name of substance: broflanilide) together with a major global manufacturer in response to demand for use in agricultural and non-crop settings. We aim to successively release products with TENEBENAL™ as the active ingredient starting in 2019. Owing to the active ingredient’s novel mode of action, these new products will contribute to controlling chemical-resistant pests. We are also making preparations to bring to market products containing the herbicide CYRA™ as the active ingredient.
Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. possesses advanced agrochemical discovery technologies backed by a long track record of molecular design, organic synthesis, and biological evaluation. As it continues to discover highly unique active ingredients and develop agrochemical products, the company will help to enhance comfort in people’s lives by improving crop yields, extending life expectancies by preventing infectious diseases, and improving housing amenity.

Fungicide — Tolprocarb Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. received Society Award for Achievement from Pesticide Science Society of Japan

In 2015 we launched domestic sales of tolprocarb, a paddy-field rice fungicide developed by Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. Tolprocarb was rated highly for its novel mode of action against rice blast disease and the company was awarded the 2019 Society Award for Achievement (technology category) from the Pesticide Science Society of Japan. In fiscal 2019 we have expanded the number of product formulations containing tolprocarb to 17.

Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. received Society Award for Achievement from Pesticide Science Society of Japan

Domestic market for paddy-field rice fungicides: ¥40bn

Herbicide — CYRA™ Joint development with ZEN-NOH

Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. in collaboration with the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (ZEN-NOH), is stepping up development of the active ingredient CYRA™ (name of substance: cyclopyrimorate), a herbicide for paddy-field rice discovered by the company. In 2018 it submitted an agrochemical registration application for mixed formulations containing CYRA™ as the active ingredient. CYRA™ is effective against broadleaf and Cyperaceae weeds found extensively in paddy fields and the company aims to harness its novel mechanism of action and contribute to boosting rice yields by developing further products that meet the needs of farmers.

Domestic market for paddy-field rice herbicides: ¥70bn

TOPICS Vision for eradicating malaria by 2040

SDGs 3

Together with four major global crop protection companies*1 and backed by the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the IVCC*2, the Mitsui Chemicals Group has released a joint statement regarding an initiative to support the research, development, and supply of innovative products that will help eradicate malaria by fiscal 2040.

*1BASF SE, Bayer AG, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., and Syngenta AG

*2Innovative Vector Control Consortium

ZERO by 40
Vision for eradicating malaria by 2040
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