Our Mission

The days when the robots are intimately and constantly taking active roles in our daily lives are just around the corner. Based on technology, knowledge and materials we possess, Through network with a wide range of the people like designers, engineers, manufactures and users of robot, and In response to requests or expectations on shape, functions or any other characteristics for new robot development, We wish to provide you solutions. Hand in hand, we will go together for the future with the robots. We wish to contribute to : more spread of robots in the society as well as improving user-friendliness of robots, and further prosperous growth of robot industry.


Synthetic Skin Materials Lens Materials
Frame Materials Gears / Decelerators
Sealants Manipulator

About Us

As a comprehensive chemical manufacturer, Mitsui Chemicals offers innovative technologies and materials in a wide range of fields like automotive, electronics, information technology, daily life consumables, environmental & energy, and packaging.

As is implied by our project name ARCUS, which means arch in Latin language, we hope to become an arch connecting robotic engineers with material manufacturers. We will apply our abundant materials knowledge and experience as a solution provider to meet diverse requirements of the robot industry and bolster its advancement.

RSJ The Robotics Society of Japan

Mitsui Chemicals joins RSJ for the development and support of the robot industry

Company Information

Name Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Head Office Shiodome City Center, 5-2, Higashi-Shimbashi 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7122
Business Area Health care materials, mobility-related materials, food & packaging materials, & basic materials
URL https://jp.mitsuichemicals.com/en/

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