Novel Fit Materials by Human Temperature


  • Material for Apparel

  • Car/Train/Bike/Plane/Ship

  • Brdding/Furniture

  • Outdoor Leisure

  • Medical care

  • Wearable

  • Shoes

  • Clothing accessories

  • Sports

  • Gibbs/Corset

  • Safety equipment

  • Damping/Soundproof


No matter how much digital technology advances,
not a day goes by when humans don't touch things.
Soft. Hard. Smooth. Coarse.

We live with the sense of touch every day,
even every minute and every second.
When we touch something, sometimes we will feel comfort,
and other times discomfort or pain.

If only we could eliminate the "mismatches" that occur between people
and things countless times each day
in all kinds of situations, from medical care and nursing to sports.
If only we could make those points of contact between people and things more gentle.
It was out of that desire that HUMOFIT™ was born.
The origin of our development lay in the concept of "being close to people."

Developed by Mitsui Chemicsals, HUMOFIT™ is an entirely new material
that detects a person's body temperature and gently wraps around the body that touched it.


  • Shape memory

    HUMOFIT™ is a new material
    that can bend, fold,
    twist or stretch without force being applied.
    Although it is stiff against an initial stress,
    it stretches a little at a time,
    and then gradually returns
    to its original shape like felt.

  • Temperature dependence

    HUMOFIT™ is temperature dependent.
    It is a new material
    that becomes flexible when heated,
    It can be shaped to fit the body
    with a person's body temperature,
    or heated up and folded compactly
    for easy transportation.
    When cooled down, it becomes hard.


Relieve foot pain -Fitnature-

Fitnature is an easy-to-wear, recovery pump developed for women with foot problems(ex.Difficulty wearing bunions、Not good at standing work、Tired from walking for a long time).
It contains a proprietary insole that supports the sole of the foot and stabilizes the foot so that it is easy to walk. Since it feels cramped when the foot is fixed, HUMOFIT™ is used at the tip of the bottom of the insole to soften it and reduce the cramped feeling.

HUMOFIT™ × Amaze Plus

Tokio Hat Bucket hat

This bucket hat was created based on the philosophy of Eiichi Shibusawa, the founder of Tokio Hat, to create a comfortable hat that fits the head of the Japanese people.
The use of HUMOFIT™ allows the hat to fit the wearer's head perfectly, making it ageless and gender-free.

HUMOFIT™ × Tokio Hat


HUMOFIT™ is used for the lining of the hood.
Pursuing a minimalist design with no cord locks, adjusters, or other accessories, the specifications allow for a natural fit to the shape of the head.
The temperature-dependent characteristics of HUMOFIT™ allow the material to conform to the body for effective heat retention. (Mid-September sale)


Pointed Heelneaker series

「Pointed Heelneaker」is a pumps that features a sense of stability that makes it difficult to feel pressure on the toes.
Half insoles using HUMOFIT™ were adopted for those series.
There is a soft fit according to the body temperature, which is a feature of HUMOFIT™. The half insole that takes advantage of this feature prevents the toes from slipping forward and improves the fit. It fits your feet and is easy to walk.
*There are individual differences in ease of use.

HUMOFIT™ × fitfit

farfalle CLASSICAL「mine#2」

Two years after the release of “mine#1,” the new “mine#2” has evolved to take advantage of the “HUMOFIT™” insole.
The change is the synthetic leather that touches the foot is replaced with soft artificial leather, and the bonding method is also devised.
It now fits more into the sinking of the insole that bears the entire weight.


Wacoal maternity bra
Bra that fits in the bust -Postpartum-

HUMOFIT™ is used on the top of the cup of the brassiere.
A postpartum brassiere that fits your breasts according to the breast size that changes from childbirth to weaning.

HUMOFIT™ × Wacoal


Trick picture book

Mysterious and trick picture book made with HUMOFIT™.
It's softens and stretches when warmed by hand. HUMOFIT™ is a material that parents and children can touch together to create surprise and fun.

HUMOFIT™ × magick.

Support chair

From the backrest to the seating surface of the support chair, HUMOFIT™ fabric is used.
When the body temperature is transmitted to the fabric, it becomes soft and deforms to wrap around the body and help to sit down. It is a support chair that makes it easier to sit down and makes it harder to put a strain on your legs and knees.

HUMOFIT™ × magick.

Air cushion

The inside of the cushion contains only air, and it is a sofa that changes slowly immediately after sitting.
Since it changes slowly due to its own weight, you can experience a feeling of sitting like never before.

HUMOFIT™ × quantum

Educational toys

Mysterious and educational toys made with HUMOFIT™.
It's softens and bends at body temperature. The material has a smooth surface, so it sticks to each other. It is an educational toy that makes use of this characteristic and plays with it.

HUMOFIT™ × magick.

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