Temperature dependence

  • HUMOFIT™ is temperature dependent.It is a new material that becomes flexible when heated, make it easier to deform. It can be shaped to fit the bodywith a person's body temperature, or heated up and folded compactlyfor easy transportation. When cooled down, it becomes hard.

[ Tensile chracteristics at each temperature ]

(ex.Stress-Warped curve)

* Sample size=strip form, Thickness=1.0mm, Width=15mm, Distance between chucks=30mm、Tension rate=1000%/min, Rupture elongation of 900% or more indicates elongation cut.

"The modulus of elasticity and tensile strength noticeably changes between the temperatures of 10℃ and 50. At high temperatures of 40℃ and above, the material becomes so flexible that it will stretch with almost no force applied, and at low temperatures of 10ºC and below, it will mostly keep whatever shape it has been formed into."

Shape memory

  • HUMOFIT™ is a new material that can bend, fold, twist or stretch without force being applied.
    Although it is stiff against an initial stress, it stretches a little at a time, and then gradually returns to its original shape like felt.

[ Typical properties ]

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・When lifted up in sheet form, it is supple enough to deform under its own weight, and also has stretchability.
・HUMOFIT™ deforms when slow pressure is applied, retains the shape for a certain period, and slowly returns to its original shape.
・HUMOFIT™ has sensitivity to temperature (temperature dependence), and its flexibility varies with air temperature.
In low temperature environments, HUMOFIT™ is somewhat hard, and becomes flexible under high temperatures.
・HUMOFIT™ does not permeate or absorb water.
・HUMOFIT™ is odorless.
・When the surfaces of HUMOFIT™ come into contact with one another, a slight stickiness can be felt.
・HUMOFIT™ can be sewn together with cloth and processed.

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