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Keynote Session
Keynote Speech 
    • Chemistry for Sustainable World
      Representative Director and President
      Osamu Hashimoto
Keynote Speech 
    • Next society
      Keio University
      Hiroaki Miyata
Solution Session
  • New materials for social issues New materials for social issues
New Business
Touchless / Aerial Display Solution
Through our planning/leading of Asukanet Co., Ltd. which are our customers of adhesive "Struct Bond™", and Kanda Kogyo Co., Ltd., jointly developed the world's first non-contact/aerial display POS cash register, which was adopted by Seven Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. We are also promoting the introduction of this system in local governments, and it was also adopted as a standby ticket issuing machine in Sakai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, where the latest technology is being introduced.
We will develop solutions to various industries, such as local governments, food distribution industry, real estate industry, equipment industry, etc., and promote the solution business as a model case for our long-term management plan "VISION 2030".
  • Marketing & Innovation Dept.
    New Business Incubation Center
    Hironori Yoshida
Life & Healthcare Solutions
We propose a window film that makes the scenery seen from the window looks more natural and vivid, by using our light control material. Applying this film to the windows of resort hotels, the color of blue sky or autumn leaves look vivid. If you put it on a showcase, the red color of the strawberry on a cake look redder and the white of the cream look whiter. We would like to help you feel refreshed, enjoy meals and shopping, and spend your daily life positively by showing the colors of what you see vividly.
  • Synthetic Chemicals Laboratory
    R&D Center
    Taizo Nishimoto
ICT Solution
Antibacterial/Antiviral Film Pal Fresh™​
"Pal Fresh™​ is a film with high safety, such as being used in food packaging as a polyolefin-based freshness preservation packaging material and contributing to the reduction of food loss, complying with the Food Sanitation Act, FDA, GB and registered with SIAA.
With the growing need for antibacterial and antiviral films, we released a news release on September 28, 2021 to reduce viruses by more than 99.98%. Another feature of Palfresh™​ is that a special antibacterial agent is kneaded into the polyethylene film itself. This ensures antibacterial sustainability for more than two years. It has better water resistance than coat formulations. Taking advantage of this performance, we will strengthen the development of new applications in the age of Living with Covid-19.
In early October 2022, MediTrust started selling antibacterial standard bags and antibacterial adhesive processing films on Amazon. “
  • New Products & Business Development Dept.
    Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello,Inc
    Junichi Narita
ICT Solution
Cell culture solution business utilizing High performance material TPX™
There is a growing demand for alternative technologies for animal testing in pharmaceutical, drug development and food development. Also, as well as the promotion of smart agriculture in the agricultural sector due to the decline in the working population. By utilizing TPX™, which has a high oxygen permeability, we developed functional cell culture vessels for medical and drug discovery research, and also under developing heat-sealable aseptic bags for agricultural use. We aim to acheive a one-stop solution business in the cell culture field by taking advantage of our strengths.
    • TPX & MILLION Dept.
      Semiconductor & Optical Materials Div.
      ICT Solutions Business Sector
      Nobutaka Nasu
    • Marketing & Innovation Department
      New Business Incubation Center
      Jingjing Yang
Basic & Green Materials
Providing Prime Solutions for the Packaging future - Polyethylene from Prime Polymer Group
“In addition to the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) Evolue™ would like to introduce 2 new Rs (Re-design and Revitalize) to tackle the fundamental issues surrounding plastic recycling and provide new life to plastic waste. We will reduce the overall plastic usage by allowing down-gauging of flexible packaging. Promote the reuse of packaging by improving product quality. Incorporate recycled plastic waste through the use of circular raw material. Aid customers in redesigning their packaging to promote recyclability. All-PE packaging design will be our focus which will simplify segregation and disposal. The use of Evolue™ will also revitalize the end-of-life of plastics, redirecting waste to PCR resins and pyrolysis oil.
    • Packing Materials Dept
      Packing Materials Division
      Prime Polymer Co., Ltd.
      Hiromi Inada
    • Manager, Technical – Sales & Marketing Division
      Prime Evolue Singapore Pte. Ltd.
      ZHUO Fukang
ICT Solution
HIMILAN™ vacuum skin packaging to mitigate food waste
“Food Waste” to throw away food that is still edible is discussed as one of the social issues these days.
Our HIMILAN™ resin realizes Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP), which covers food perfectly and contributes to food waste mitigation by 1) protecting delicate food during transportation, 2) extending expiration date of fresh food.
  • Technical Center
    Dow-Mitsui Polychemicals Company, Ltd
    Yusuke Monma
  • New Technology for social issues New Technology for social issues
Life & Healthcare Solutions
Building Oral Care Data Business with Oral Care and Medical Examination
Did you know that there is a link between periodontal disease and diseases such as diabetes and myocardial infarction?
Early detection and treatment of periodontal disease bacteria may help prevent disease. We have developed new primers for PCR tests that can detect with high accuracy "PgTypeII bacteria" which is said to be particularly susceptible to severe periodontal disease.
We would like to introduce our business plan, which includes not only test kits but also a "data business" that provides accumulated data through our services.
  • Oral Care Division
    Tadato Oritani
New Business
Mitsui Chemicals forms CVC fund 321FORCE™
Through 321FORCE™, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (MCI) will cross-fertilize the MCI Group's assets with the outstanding technologies, services and buisiness models of startup companies around the world to solve various social issues and needs and create the treasures of the future.
The areas of investment will include life & healthcare, mobility, ICT, carbon neutrality, digital transformation, smart cities, universe, and other areas where we can utilize our assets and resources, as well as markets and technologies that are expected to grow significantly in the future.
  • New Business Incubation Center
    Hiroki Kano
Basic & Green Materials
Prime Polymer’s green chemical plan for circular economy
As the top polyolefin player in Japan, Prime Polymer supplies approximately 1.7million tons of polyethylene and polypropylene annually to the world.
In response to the need to address environmental issues and contribute the realization of a carbon neutral and sustainable society, our company has launched various initiatives, including the establishment of the biomass plastic business and the implementation of recycling technology.
We will always be a "Prime Solution Partner" and continue to challenge.
  • Circular Economy Business Development Dept.
    Planning & Administraiton Div.
    Prime Polymer Co., Ltd.
    Jie Shen
Mobility Solutions
Approach to mechanical recycling from the materials perspective
In 2021, we have been participating in a resource recovery program in Kobe City as J-CEP program, interacting with local governments and citizens, and recycling the recovered resin. We made a bench as something visible and returned it to Kobe City. Through this activity, we recognaized the difference between products that are easy to recycle and products that are difficult to recycle.
We will introduce the approach to recycling products that are difficult to recycle ≒ high-performance products, how to use recycled resins, etc., including other programs.
  • Mechanical Recycling Group, Composite Materials Buisness Development Div
    Mobility Business Sector
    Takashi Ochiai
New Business
Diagnostics and Consulting Business for Photovoltaic Power Generation
For realizing Carbon Neutral, we support efficient operation of photovoltaic power plants by diagnosing, and convert their value into data based on the technical expertise we have cultivated over the years.
As the photovoltaic power generation business is expected to expand globally in the future, we try to make a broader contribution to society by using our data science and data engineering capabilities to develop and provide solutions.
  • Data Solution Dept.
    New Business Incubation Center
    Takuya Akiyama
-We're reshaping the world from a material level.-
The world is transitioning away from plastic amid growing consciousness of global warming and plastic waste problems. But plastic offers so much convenience and user-friendliness that it is now an integral part of our daily life. Simply renouncing plastic use will inevitably reach a limit at some point. We need a new regenerative way of thinking to ensure we are ready for that day.
Under the key word "We explore the materials of materials", we have launched BePLAYER™ and RePLAYER™ initiatives to realize our goals of carbon neutrality and a circular economy. These initiatives are aimed at achieving social progress by involving everyone as a player.
At this event, we will introduce the concept of these two brands.
  • Climate Change / Plastics Strategy Dept.
    Corporate Sustainability Divsion
    Yuuri Matsunaga
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