We offer a range of product lineup
to meet a wide range of needs.

Working with the following brands to offer a diverse selection of products from lens makers,
the Vision Care Materials Division at Mitsui Chemicals pursues the development of highly-functional eyeglass lenses using materials like MR™.
In the field of low R.I. lenses, we’re responding to the needs of various markets to provide ideal solutions to global eyeglass lens needs.

Highly-functional lens materials


This lens material uses optical wavelength control technology to block harmful ultraviolet (UV) and high-energy visible (HEV) light.

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This lens material applies photochromic technology
to change the light transmittance of the lens based on the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light in the environment.
Outdoors and in strong sunlight, the glasses turn into sunglasses.
Indoors, out of the sun, the lenses return to the clear state.


This lens material uses optical wavelength control technology to block specific wavelengths that cause glare.
It offers protection against glare and can make it easier to distinguish color and brightness.

NeoContrast™ technology lens
Conventional lens


This lens material applies polarization technology to reduce light scattering and provide clear views.
Unlike normal tinted sunglasses, it also reduces glare.

Conventional lens

Low R.I. Lens Material

R.I. 1.50

RAV 7™

This widely used lens material in the world offers both superior optical properties and resistance to scratching, even without an additional hard coat.
The standard lens product is ideal for first-time eyeglass users seeking eyeglasses of relatively low optical power.

Eco-Conscious Lens Material

Do Green™

Made from plant-derived materials, this lens is designed to create a smaller carbon footprint than conventional petroleum-derived products.

Lens Coating Materials

Crystal Coat™

This series of abrasion-resistant coatings marketed by SDC Technologies (US) can be applied to all lens substrates. Products include high-performance, high R.I. coatings developed specifically for MR™. These coatings promise high abrasion resistance and increased durability for sunglasses and sports glasses.


This anti-fogging coating is marketed by an affiliated company, FSI Coating Technologies (US). Glasses to which this coating is applied can be washed in water. The coating offers superior abrasion, chemical, and impact resistance.