Safety is our top priority

All employees working in the Mitsui Chemicals Group are always aware that "Safety is for yourself, your family, your colleagues, and society,"
and are making steady efforts to cultivate our safety culture.
Our people, equipment, and technology are diversifying as we expand globally, and our business portfolio transforms, but we will continue to pursue the realization of zero accidents and injuries.


We understand that safety is a major premise in the Mitsui Chemicals Group's efforts towards sustainable growth. We believe efforts to ensure safety also result in the improvement of quality in the things we produce.
To this end, we promote the following efforts to maintain and reinforce safety.

  • Development of human resources that can implement fundamental safety
  • Global expansion of our safety culture
  • Adoption and expansion of advanced safety technology

Promotion structure

With the President as the highest-ranking officer and the Director in charge of the Production & Technology Center as the supervisor, the Safety & Environment Technology Division of the Production & Technology Center draws up, implements, and promotes strategies for safety and process safety.


When an accident occurs at a chemical company, it can cause significant inconvenience to the neighboring communities. It is vital that we conduct various training and drills periodically and prepare for potential accidents and disasters. At the Mitsui Chemicals Group, in addition to various disaster prevention drills such as firefighting, rescue, and reporting, we also conduct emergency shutdown and evacuation drills in preparation for large-scale earthquakes and tsunami that have increased frequency in recent years.

Fire drills

We conduct joint training with the fire department for responses to a fire at the Works, including victim rescue and firefighting activities. The training has uncovered new issues, so we are continually making improvements.

Earthquake evacuation drills

We conduct training for responses to the shutdown of the plant due to an earthquake and the evacuation of all personnel.


Mitsui Chemicals Plant Operation Technology Training Center

The Plant Operation Technology Training Center was established in Mobara in 2006 and Nagoya in 2007 to train operators for our production sites. We are working to develop "human resources skilled in operation and equipment with an emphasis on safety" through experience and sense-based training.
Starting in FY2015, we also provide our internal experience and sense-based training to external participants to contribute to the development of human resources for all production sites in the industrial world.

Simulation classroom using VR

To actively develop human resources that will become the foundation supporting our Group Global Management, starting in FY2018, we visited our domestic and overseas affiliates to deliver training that fits the needs of each company.
We are implementing various unique measures, such as incorporating simulation experiences using VR (virtual reality) technology.