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Mitsui Chemicals Group does best
A decade of making a difference through social contribution

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the Mitsui Chemicals Group starts with our people.
Our social contribution activities are led by our employees, who plan and put them into action. In 2005, we established our CSR Committee and recruited about 200 CSR supporters company-wide to serve as the force in
expanding the CSR movement throughout the company. Through discussions and workshops, CSR supporters came up with 252
social contribution themes. Three of the proposals, namely “Laboratory Class in the Wonders of Chemistry”, “One Coin Club”, and
“Disaster Relief Stockpiles” were selected as ongoing activities. With time, these activities have changed and improved. Collaboration extends across workplaces, regions, and affiliates.
As participation grows, the activities evolved into ones that make differences in people’s lives on both the giving and receiving ends. This year, the Mitsui Chemicals Group marks a decade of social contribution and
we are proud that our people continue to make differences. At this milestone, we revisit the ideals of our social contribution and step out to the next decade with renewed determination and
a spirit of caring. We will strengthen cooperation within the Mitsui Chemicals Group, while increasing collaboration with
external partners holding similar goals, to better meet the needs of society and to continue to do what we do well.

Laboratory Class in the Wonders of Chemistry

The Laboratory Class in the Wonders of Chemistry program aims to share the fun and possibilities of chemistry with the next generation. Classes are for elementary school children and junior high school students. Annually, over 5000 children take part in the program worldwide.
The program introduces children to the “fascinating world of science” and helps them develop an affinity with chemistry. Experiments focus on items which visually change or feel differently to enhance their understanding. Children are also asked simple questions to pique their curiosity.
We will continue to develop programs which enrich knowledge and help children to think for themselves.

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One Coin Club

Employees taking part in the One Coin Club program choose an amount for deduction from their wages or bonuses for donation to organizations involved in social welfare activities selected by the One Coin Club Management Committee.
Now, the club has 811 members who donated about ¥4.06 million to the fund in 2015. In 2016, employee donations were matched* by the company and ¥6.4 million was donated to 16 organizations.
The program has aided victims of the Gorkha (Nepal) earthquake and the Kumamoto earthquakes.
From 2016, we also included participants in the Healthy Mileage campaign. The campaign, which aims to promote wellness throughout the group, also provides participants the option to donate their accumulated points as a monetary donation.
We will continue to expand ways to enable our people to take part in social contribution activities.

*Matching Gifts:Company support to employee social contribution activities by matching the amount its employees give to social welfare or environmental groups.

Support for Employee Social Contribution

Disaster Relief Stockpiles

Our disaster relief activities began with the sincere desire of our people to give aid to victims of earthquakes and major disasters.
One example of our disaster relief exercise is the stockpiling and delivery of items such as waterproof tarpaulin sheets, urethane mattresses, and drinking straw inflatable cushions* to evacuation centers.
The program aided victims of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and 2015 Kinugawa River floods.
We will continue to pursue ways to aid disaster victims by grasping needs quickly and accurately.

* Air cushion:Developed by Wako Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. ( Japanese language website at )

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