Management System

Basic Approach

The Mitsui Chemicals Group is keenly aware that climate change and the problems pertaining to plastic waste are serious issues for society that must be earnestly addressed. Through our supply of chemicals and highly functional plastic products, we have contributed to improving convenience in people’s lives and helped to solve challenges in society by, for example, reducing food loss and improving energy efficiency. At the same time, our business activities require the substantial use of fossil resources and energy, which emits large volumes of GHGs. Moreover, marine plastic waste has also become a problem that cannot be ignored in recent times.To resolve these issues, a transition is needed from a so-called one-way economy of consuming resources and disposing of products to a circular economy whereby resources are collected and products are recycled and reused. To that end, we believe an integrated approach is key to addressing climate change and the problems with plastic together. In June 2020, we established the Climate Change/Plastics Strategy Department within the Corporate Sustainability Division to strengthen our response.
We intend to introduce an LCA perspective and work towards realizing a circular economy from the angles of both climate change and problems with plastic.

System and Responsible Officers

The director in charge of the Corporate Sustainability Committee is the responsible officer.
The Corporate Sustainability Committee is responsible for deliberation on policy, strategy, planning, and countermeasures concerning climate change and plastic issues. The deliberation results are then reported to the Management Committee. The agendas are then, as necessary, discussed and deliberated also by the Group-wide Strategy Committee meetings and the Management Committee. The Board of Directors then finalizes the agendas and monitors them. The Corporate Sustainability Committee has formed subcommittees dedicated to climate change and plastic issues to discuss concrete actions.

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