We conduct environment & safety (environmental protection, process safety and disaster prevention, occupational safety), occupational health, quality, and chemical safety audits, in order to objectively evaluate the effective implementation of Responsible Care activities at our works, business divisions, laboratories as well as subsidiaries and affiliates all over the world. Auditors selected through specific procedures conduct audits based on a checklist. They also evaluate departments for their progress on the priority issues and improvements made concerning problems identified in the previous audit. The frequency and duration of the audits are determined with the aim of ensuring they are effective and with consideration for the size, business type, and management level of the organization to be audited.

Environmental & safety audits, quality audits, and chemical safety audits are conducted every one to three years, and an occupational health audit is conducted every two to five years. These audits are conducted on the sites where the Head Office determined that an on-site audit was necessary.
In fiscal 2018, audits were conducted according to the annual plan, and any issues to be corrected or improved were pointed out after confirming that the Responsible Care activities had been put into practice appropriately. The audit results were then reported to the Responsible Care Committee.

Status of Third-party Certification and the Implementation of Internal Audits by the Company’s Head Office (2016-18)

Environmental & Safety Audit "Safety is our top priority" has been systematically implemented, confirming activities aimed at reducing accidents and occupational injuries.
Scope of audit: Works and laboratories of Mitsui Chemicals and its subsidiaries and affiliates
Occupational Health Audit Confirming appropriate action to maintain a suitable work environment, activities to promote better health, etc.
Scope of audit: Works and laboratories of Mitsui Chemicals and its subsidiaries and affiliates (However, the scope excludes some departments in the United States, Europe, etc.)
Quality Audit The roles and responsibilities for assuring products and services that satisfy customer demands were identified clearly. Also, the quality management system was confirmed to be developed appropriately and managed effectively for the improvement of customer satisfaction.
Scope of audit: Works, business divisions, Logistics Division and Purchasing Division of Mitsui Chemicals and consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates with manufacturing divisions (including affiliated contractors providing manufacturing services). Audits may be conducted at other affiliated companies, when needed.
Chemical Safety Audit Confirming the chemical management system, the state of its management and state of compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
Scope of audit: Business divisions, branch offices and laboratories of Mitsui Chemicals, as well as affiliated companies that market chemical products. (Laboratories are included in the scope of audit because they provide samples.)
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