Management System Audit Roll Out Globally

Roll Out Globally

Mitsui Chemicals is rolling out Responsible Care activities to subsidiaries and affiliates in Japan and overseas as a part of efforts to promote Responsible Care across the Group as a whole.

Global Network and SHE Meetings

Mitsui Chemicals is building an information network across the five regions where its subsidiaries and affiliates operate: China, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Japan as its center. This network gathers Responsible Care-related information from industry associations located in each region, which after being summarized and analyzed by the head office is shared throughout the Mitsui Chemicals Group.
As part of the Responsible Care activity programs in each region, the Company holds SHE (Safety, Health, and the Environment) meetings that gather together the staff in charge of Responsible Care of various subsidiaries and affiliates. SHE meetings provide opportunities for participants to learn from each other by analyzing process accidents, occupational injuries and other case studies as well as learning best practices.


Ten affiliates in China participated in the SHE meeting for China affiliates held in Shanghai in June 2018. The meeting spotlighted information sharing and exchange regarding each company’s activities in the area of occupational health & safety.


Six companies in the Americas participated in the RC Meeting for the region held in Ohio, USA, in September 2018. Information was shared on various activities organized to assure safety, as well as action on sustainability. Additionally, the Mitsui Chemicals Group's corporate sustainability was presented with the establishment of the new Corporate Sustainability Division in April 2018.

Asia-Pacific Region

The Asia-Pacific RC Meeting was held in Bangkok, Thailand, in March 2019. Fifteen companies in the region participated and shared information on their environmental and safety activities.

Evaluation of the Responsible Care Activities of Affiliates

Overseas subsidiaries and affiliates are also attracting high external praise for their Responsible Care activities.


Mitsui Hygiene Materials (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was awarded the National Safety Performance Award for 2018 by the Thai Department of Labour Protection and Welfare in June 2018. Grand Siam Composites Co., Ltd. was awarded the The Responsible Care Code of Management Practices self-assessment Award by the Responsible Care Management Committee of Thailand (RCMCT).


In March 2019, P.T. PETnesia Resindo was awarded the Zero Accident Award by the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia.


Mitsui Phenols Singapore Pte. Ltd. was awarded the SCIC Responsible Care Awards by the Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) in March 2019. It was also awarded the Excellence Awards for Community Awareness and Emergency Response Code category, etc. Furthermore, it was certified the SCIC-SCDF (the Singapore Civil Defense Force) Responsible Care Collaboration and Recognition Scheme 2018. Mitsui Elastomers Singapore Pte. Ltd was awarded the SCIC Responsible Care Awards for the Achievements in four categories.


In April 2018, Mitsui Chemicals was presented with the 2018 RC Chairman’s Award by the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers. Presented biannually to companies with an outstanding track record, this award recognized the Group’s extensive ongoing Responsible Care activities as well as its contributions to the sustainable development of the Chinese chemical industry and Chinese society over a long period.
The company received this recognition for the diligent safety-related activities it conducted in the region, including reinforcement of hazard detection activities and improvements to the work environment at its affiliates in China, its continued reporting of its safety and environmental data and the scientific experiment workshop it organized at Hope Primary School in Anhui Province.


In October 2018, Advanced Composites Mexicana S.A. de C.V. received the Green Industry Certificate from the Aguascalientes State Environmental Protection Agency. This certificate is awarded to companies that develop and steadily implement environmental projection management systems.

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