What can Mitsui Chemicals offer
to help future society ?

The future society that the Mitsui Chemicals Group aims to create will be a cohesive society that is in harmony with the environment, offering health and happiness in an aging society, built on industrial platforms that are in harmony with local communities. We are engaged in R&D efforts to create such a future, in which people around the globe can live happily, and to maintain a world where anyone can pursue their dreams with a sense of excitement.

Continuing to create innovation in the field of materials and substances, through the combination of new ideas with core technologies, accumulated over the course of our 100-year history.
Contributing to the sustainable development of society, by creating products and services that people around the world want and need.
These are our strong wishes, and the missions of Mitsui Chemicals’ R&D activities.

Our vision of “R&D for creating the future” is instilled with missions, and these wishes.
Here, we introduce some of our activities, with a view to the next 10 or 20 years and beyond.

Technologies for creating the society of the future

Declining birth rate
and aging population
Growing needs for improved comfort
and fit (of garments)

Nonwovens for hygiene materials

Tactile evaluation technologies

Addressing food problems

Films to prevent food loss

Improving productivity and quality (agrochemicals and advanced cultivation systems which enable conservation of resources)

Improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions through lightweight mobility solutions

Fiber reinforced composites

Metal resin integral molding

The arrival of a smart society accompanying the spread of IoT

Materials that enable compact size and low power consumption

Transparent flexible displays

Technologies that help realize a low-carbon, recycling-oriented, cohesive society in harmony with the environment

Waste plastic liquefaction technology

Mono-materialization of packaging materials

World’s first project to commercialize bio-polypropylene