TAFMER™ DF & A are ethylene and 1- butene random copolymers polymerized by metallocene catalyst. Because of higher comonomer content, TAFMER™ DF & A exhibit lower density, lower modulus and lower melting point compared to PE.


TAFMER™ XM is a propylene and 1- butene random copolymer polymerized by metallocene catalyst. It has unique balance of properties between low melting point and stickiness, which has been considered to be incompatible characteristics.

TAFMER™ XM is miscible with PP. Advantage of its miscibility is well demonstrated especially in film applications where transparency and low temperature heat sealability is required.

In Wire & Cable applications, its miscibility functions as plasticizer of PP without sacrificing scratch and abrasion resistance.


TAFMER™ PN is newly launched product, revolutionizing the understanding of elastomer. Combining the softness of elastomer and the heat resistance of polypropylene, TAFMER™ PN Series offer characteristics that were previously thought to be impossible.

TAFMER™ PN is propylene based material with controlled morphology. Its crystalline elements show remarkably high heat resistance in spite of its softness. Furthermore, these crystalline elements are finely dispersed in amorphous matrix, which ensure excellent transparency.

TAFMER™ PN is miscible with PP and has an ability to improve impact resistance of PP. These two characteristics offer a great advantage in applications requiring both transparency and impact resistance. In addition, PP modified with TAFMER™ PN exhibits improved hinge strength and reduced stress whitening. These features are demonstrated not only in films but also in various molded products.

TAFMER™ PN miscibility with PP


TAFMER™ BL series is 1-butene based polymer. It is compatible with PE and PP, offering unique functions in both PE and PP based products.

TAFMER™ BL is dispersed in PE with domain size of a few microns, which ensures stability of easy-peel property. Heat seal strength of film can be easily controlled by changing both dosage and/or MFR of TAFMER™ BL.

TAFMER™ BL is also utilized as a modifier to improve low temperature heat sealability of PP films due to its compatibility and low melting point.


TAFMER™ M is an acid modified olefin elastomer. It has good compatibility with polyolefins as well as the ability of chemical interaction with materials containing functional group, such as polyamides, polyesters and inorganic fillers.

TAFMER™ M also exhibits softness and low glass transition temperature, so that it demonstrates excellent performance as an impact modifier for engineering plastics.