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Quality of View

Quality of View (QoV) for All

Since our company was founded in Japan in 1912, Mitsui Chemicals has supported the growth of industry and contributed to better lives by supplying various innovative products in many fields, from health care-related materials including eyeglass lens materials to automotive materials, electronics and information materials, life, environment and energy materials, and even packaging materials.
We offer more than 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing optical lens technology for global markets. The monomer resins in our MR™-brand products are used to make some of the most reliable high R.I. (refractive index) eyeglass lens materials available anywhere in the world. In addition to a full range of eyeglass lens materials from high to low R.I., Mitsui Chemicals offers diverse vision care solutions. Our functional eyeglass lens materials and special coating materials support better health and offer higher comfort. We supply products to lens manufacturers the world over.
True to our concept "Quality of View (QoV)", Mitsui Chemicals remains committed to the development of vision correction products and products that improve the health and comfort of the eyes. In this way, we hope to bring to people a clearer view of the world.

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Brand/ product lineup

We offer a lineup of ophthalmic lens materials in a wide range of refractive index.
High-quality lens substrates make it possible for us to develop lens materials that offer higher functionality.

Ophthalmic lens materials

MR™ (Refractive Index 1.60/1.67/1.74)

Based on an innovative molecular structure, this represents the de facto global standard of high R.I. eyeglass lens material, offering clarity, safety, durability, and refractive index in a balanced way.

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We continually work to optimize processes and technology to cater for our customers' needs and to achieve their satisfaction on MR™ lens materials and other products. Moreover, we have been acquiring patents and rights for the technology all over the world.

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RAV 7™ (Refractive Index 1.50)

This widely used eyeglass lens material in the world offers both superior optical properties and resistance to scratching, even without an additional hard coat. The standard lens product is ideal for first-time eyeglass users seeking eyeglasses of relatively low optical power.

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KOC/KR (Refractive Index 1.55/1.56/1.60)

This eyeglass lens material is being manufactured and sold by a group company, ML TECH. It is mainly used in eyeglass lenses that meet the needs of the Chinese market.

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Highly-functional Eyeglass Lens Materials


This lens material is designed to control a specific range of wavelengths to ensure the long-term health of your eyes. It offers protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) and high-energy visible (HEV) light.

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This eyeglass lens material applies photochromic technology to change the light transmittance of the lens based on the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light in the environment. Outdoors and in strong sunlight, the glasses turn into sunglasses. Indoors, out of the sun, the lenses return to the clear state.

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This eyeglass lens material uses optical wavelength control technology to block specific wavelengths that cause glare. It offers protection against glare and can make it easier to distinguish color and brightness.

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Coating Materials


This series of abrasion-resistant coatings marketed by SDC Technologies (US) can be applied to all lens substrates. Products include high-performance, high R.I. coatings developed specifically for MR™. These coatings promise high abrasion resistance and increased durability for sunglasses and sports glasses.


These anti-fog coatings are marketed by a group company, FSI Coating Technologies (US). These coatings deliver high-performance water washable anti-fog durability with superior water sheeting action and anti-fog properties for optimum clarity on eyewear. These products also offer premium abrasion, chemical, and impact resistance.


This series of hydrophobic/oleophobic coatings is marketed by a group company, COTEC GmbH (Germany). These coatings can be applied to glass and anti-reflective coated plastic and provide superior hydrophobicity and durability for easy-to-clean, anti-fingerprint and anti-smudge properties.


Coburn Technologies offers fast curing optical lens coatings under the ProCoat, UVMAX, and DURA-UV brands. These hard coatings offer high durability, abrasion resistance, adhesion, and are low viscosity with no volatile solvents. Coburn coatings have a unique bonding chemical formation and UV/thermal hybrid chemistry for better performance and stability during lab production. ProCoat and UVMAX are Coburn’s tintable coating options.

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History of the Vision Care Materials Division of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

As a pioneer in the development of high R.I. lenses material, we've developed innovative lens materials and steadily added companies offering associated technologies to our group to offer optimal solutions for the needs of all optical lens users.

Started development of high index lens materials
Commercial release of MR-6™, world's first thiourethane high R.I. ophthalmic lens material (R.I. 1.60)
Commercial release of MR-7™, world's first ophthalmic lens material with refractive index of 1.67
Commercial release of MR-10™ (R.I. 1.67)
Commercial release of MR-8™ (R.I. 1.60)
Commercial release of MR-174™ (R.I. 1.74, Do Green™ : plant-derived materials)
Acquisition of SDC Technologies, Inc. (USA), a California-based premium coating material company
Acquisition of Film Specialties, Inc. (USA), an anti-fogging coating specialty company, by SDC Technologies, Inc.
Acquisition of Acomon group, a Switzerland- and Italy-based lens material company and among the global leaders in low R.I. lens materials
Mitsui Chemicals becomes majority shareholder of KOC Solution (currently known as “ML Tech”) , a Korea- and China-based lens material company specializing in medium R.I. lens materials
Acquisition of photochromic materials from Corning Inc. (USA)
Acquisition of LTI Coating Technologies (USA), a manufacturer of UV-curing hard coating materials, by SDC Technologies, Inc.
Acquisition of COTEC® (Germany), a hydrophobic & anti-reflective coating material company, by SDC Technologies, Inc.
KOC Solution, lens material company (currently known as “ML Tech”) becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui Chemicals
Commercial release of MR-160DG™ (R.I. 1.60, Do Green™: plant-derived materials)
Acquisition of Coburn Technologies (USA), an eyeglass lens processing equipment company, by SDC Technologies, Inc.

Production, Quality Control and Environmental Responsibility

MR™ is produced and delivered according to strictly-controlled operation protocols to ensure the sustainable supply of high-quality materials to lens manufacturers.
The MR™ production plant is certified under ISO 9001. Strict precautions are taken not just in monomer production, but in packaging, storage, and logistics as well. All conceivable measures are taken to prevent accidents.
As a chemicals company that has obtained OHSAS 18001 certification, workplace environment and safety are top priorities. The MR™ plant is certified under ISO 14001. All operations are based on great consideration to minimize environmental impact.

Global Network

MR™ and RAV 7™ sales, marketing, and technical service are overseen from the MCI global headquarters in Japan and seven regional headquarters around the world. This allows the provision of rapid customer service in multiple languages for the highest customer satisfaction.
Further, with companies specialized in medium to low R.I. eyeglass lens materials and coating materials joining under our umbrella, the synergy effect is further realized, allowing us to continue providing optimal quality of view (QoV) for eyewearers.


Manufacture of
low R.I. eyeglass lens materials
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ML Tech
Manufacture and sales of
medium R.I. eyeglass lens materials
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SDC Technologies
Manufacture and sales of
abrasion-resistant coatings and
other materials
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FSI Coating Technologies
Manufacture and sales of
anti-fog coating materials
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Manufacture and sales of
hydrophobic, anti-reflective
coating materials
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Coburn Technologies
Manufacture and sales of eyeglass lens
processing systems, optical coatings, and
sales of optometry equipment
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