Chemicals alone aren’t enough.

Mitsui Chemicals is creating a brighter future
with boundless opportunities,
with new value that turns zero into one.

zero to One

What Mitsui Chemicals creates.
Better things for the near future.
Going from 0 to 1,
the beginning of everything.

The 1 that fills people with potential.
The 1 that inspires people’s creativity.
The 1 that makes it possible for people
to change the future shape.
Some change it to beauty.

Some change it to amusement.
Some change it to stylishness.
Some change it to convenience.
Products are not derived simply from
chemistry alone. It is the addition of
creativity that generates unlimited potential.

From Zero to One Mitsui Chemicals creaters new value.

Strengths of Mitsui Chemicals Group

100 years of

A wide range
of products
and services

and human


zero to One
From One to Infinity Creating a brighter future through chemistry.

What social challenges
can we help to resolve?

The Mitsui Chemicals Group aims to
contribute to society through
our business activities.

We take stock of our company’s purpose
and significance as we work on
resolving social challenges along
the three axes of the economy,
the environment, and the society.