Anne Ebert

Anne Ebert

Deputy Director, Functional Polymeric Materials division, Mitsui Chemicals Europe (Germany)

“Mitsui Chemicals has proven to be an organization that truly listens to the community on a glocal scale while keeping up to date on marketing trends. It is evident in the way the company identifies market needs to simplify people’s daily lives and provide solutions to increase the overall quality of life.”

Anne Ebert

Country experience / Germany.
Product experience / Functional Chemicals, ICROS™ Tape, MITSUI PELLICLE™, Filtop, MR™ Series, Fine Chemicals, SOLAR EVA™, Functional Polymeric Materials, TAFMER™, BEAULON™, LUCANT™, VME™, Coatings, ARLEN™, SWP™.

What I like most about working at Mitsui Chemicals is the diversity present in the company in more ways than one. We work people from different backgrounds, industries and nationalities, while managing a wide portfolio of products and services.

Having worked at Mitsui Chemicals since my graduation, my loyalty to the company stands unwavering because of the many benefits it brings to not just me but also society at-large.
The most compelling factor about my job is doing sales in a multi-cultural environment, while mastering new challenges in a good working environment.

Mitsui Chemicals is unique because of the way the corporate culture encourages and equips its staff to cope within constantly changing global environments.