To contribute broadly to society by providing high-quality products and services to customers through innovation and the creation of materials, while being in harmony with the global environment.

With this mission in mind, Mitsui Chemicals Group operates in ways that aim to positively impact those around us.


(1) Innovation Through Meaningful R&D

Mitsui Chemicals Group takes pride in having leaders who are constantly innovating for the future. We boast a wide network of 33 R&D sites across the globe.

(2) Customer Solution

In our creations, we thoroughly investigate about any existing problems or challenges that our customers face, thereby inventing new products that address these problems. Some examples include our breakthrough conceptions of the New Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Eco-Friendly Sunglasses.

(3) Sustaining the Economy & Social Contribution

Looking at the broader picture, Mitsui Chemicals Group strives to sustain the economy and make social contributions.

This is done by the way we operate ethically in business. We also promote human well-being on a global scale, contribute to the value of shareholders’ investments, endeavor to increase customer satisfaction, contribute to local communities and promote the happiness and fulfillment of employees.


(1) Employees

Our values Challenge, Diversity, One Team define who we are and how we do things. They also capture the spirit of everyone working at Mitsui Chemicals Group sites around the world to act as a unifying force, ensuring that we are all working toward the same goals.

To Challenge our people is to enable them to constantly grow, not just professionally but also personally. We support their continual growth. In Diversity, not only do we embrace a multi-cultural and diversified team, we also cultivate a multi-cultural corporate culture, with the understanding of the uniqueness of the way different people work. With that, we work as One Team, unified and cohesive.

Some examples include:

Healthy Mileage Campaign
We launched the Healthy Mileage Campaign that was activated for all our employees at all our business sites so that everyone gets to participate and enjoy its benefits. The campaign encourages small teams and individuals accumulate points (miles) for exercising and leading healthy lifestyles over a three-month period, and these points can be exchanged for merchandise provided by the company at the end of the campaign.

(2) Society at Large

Donation: The One-Coin Club
The One-Coin Club allows employees, who want to be part of the movement, to choose an amount to be deducted from their wages or bonuses. This will be collected as donations for organizations involved in social activities. With 870 members to date, who have donated a total of approximately ¥6 million, the company continues to encourage employees to get involved through a matching donation scheme, where it matches the donation with the same amount as an employee’s contribution.
Education: A laboratory class: The wonders of chemistry
Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. With that, we organize activities aimed at teaching children about chemical technologies and exciting them about technologies of the future.Since 2006, we have been organizing laboratory classes in the Wonders of Chemistry where members of staff from each of our sites go out to local schools, summer-vacation events and festivals, to laboratory classes combined with tours round our works and research centers. In fiscal 2014, we organized a total of 42 classes at 11 sites.
The Mitsui Chemicals Catalysis Science Award
The Mitsui Chemicals Catalysis Science Award was established since 2004 with the aim of contributing to the sustainable development of chemistry and the chemical industry. In particular, this award is designed to recognize researchers who have made outstanding achievements in catalysis science.


(1) Innovation & Material Production

Mitsui Chemicals Group places high importance in sustaining and being in harmony with the environment. Our aims are to lead low environmental impact lifestyles, take advantage of renewable energy, subscribe to 3R (Recycling-Based Society), protect the ecosystem and combat climate change (GHG reduction).

(2)Food & Agriculture

Creating a Better Future with Blue Value™
We created a measure for assessing environmental impact based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to enable us to accurately evaluate the Blue Value™ of our product and technologies. Blue Value™ refers to how ecofriendly each of our corporate activities is in terms of saving electricity and resource conservation.
Tahara Solar-Wind™ Joint Project
The Tahara Solar-Wind™ Joint Project, a combined solar and wind power hybrid power plant capable of generating 56MW along the coastal area of Tahara City in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, in November 2012. Over and above the stable supply of electric power, the Tahara Solar-Wind™ power plant helps to reduce the burden on the environment, serving as a demonstration experiment for the effective use of renewable energy, and providing a place for environmental education.
“iCAST™” (integrated Cultivation-Accelerating System)
Mitsui Chemicals developed “iCAST™” (integrated Cultivation-Accelerating System), a unique crop cultivation system which maximizes yield and quality while minimizing water, fertilizer, and pesticides, and significantly reducing environmental burden making agriculture more environment-friendly. Using a plant dependent growth factor delivery technology to maximize quality and optimal growth, Mitsui Chemicals’ “iCAST™” is a world-changing agricultural technology.

(3)Promoting a Culture of Safety

Mitsui Chemicals Group trains our employees with the skills to minimize accidents and problems should they arise and the ability to rapidly and precisely respond properly to risks.

Plant Operation Technology Training Center
Through the Plant Operation Technology Training Center, Mitsui Chemicals ensures that specialized technical skills related to safety and manufacturing are passed down to the next generation, through both on-the-job training and off-the-job training on an individual works basis. At our Center, we offer three courses: the safety training course, the equipment and operation troubleshooting course, and the operation training course. The aim of these courses is to improve employee awareness of risks and dangers, their understanding of basic principles, and giving them the ability to identify problems on their own and the confidence to solve any issues.