Cindy Yang Xin

Cindy Yang Xin

General Manager Sales and Marketing, Advanced Materials Division, Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific (Singapore)

“Mitsui Chemicals boasts a dynamic global business and a pool of diversified talent.”

Cindy Yang Xin

Country experience / Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia.
Product experience / ICROS™ Tape, DAF™, MITSUI PELLICLE™, Specialty gases, CCD Package, SWP™, MR™ Series, Toner, SOLAR EVA™, PDP filter, NEOFLEX™, TPX™, Puretect, BN-300.

I have had rich and unique experiences in terms of career transition. Coming from a research background, I was working in a reputable Chinese University for seven years before working in Mitsui Chemicals for 18 years and counting. My current role involves the sales and marketing of Mitsui Products in the region.

My self-discovery and growth in the company has helped me to carve a career that brings high satisfaction.

When I first joined Mitsui Chemicals as a Chemist, I was working in a laboratory. Thereafter, I rotated roles to the sales department for technical support, where I was required to interact actively with a wide business network and solve problems for clients in the region.
I rose through the ranks to become a General Manager today, which is to me, a remarkable achievement.