Dr. Milica Šimić

Dr. Milica Šimić

Manager Clinical Evaluations, Global Regulatory Compliance, Kulzer GmbH (Germany)

“What I love about my team is that they are passionate about bringing ideas to life!
After all, that’s what being part of Mitsui Chemicals is about.”

Dr. Milica Šimić

Country experience / Germany.
Product experience / Dental Healthcare Products

Since 2011 I am the author of clinical evaluations for Kulzer medical devices in the international dental market. My professional education and experience as a dentist is very helpful in fulfilling this task.

Before that time I worked for many years at the company in the scientific affairs field for pharmaceuticals and medical devices where I was dealing with scientific information and studies, and doing opinion leader management, while representing the company at international scientific congresses and seminars.

My day-to-day job entails evaluating the clinical benefits and risks regarding Mitsui Chemicals products worldwide.
My work is essential for getting national and international market approval for the products, because selling products is generally not allowed without the evaluation and technical documentation from the Global Regulatory Compliance department.

In addition to that, I work on many projects with multiple departments within Mitsui Chemicals.
My role requires me to be extremely detail-driven and responsible in my job while keeping up to date with the latest developments in dental medicine.