Hazmi Bin Othman

Hazmi Bin Othman

Manager Production, Phenol Production Department, Mitsui Phenols Singapore (Singapore)

“At MCI Group, we work with people from all over the world with various backgrounds.
This makes the working environment very dynamic, leading to incredibly great outcomes!”

Country experience / Singapore.
Product experience / Phenol, Acetone, Bisphenol-A.

I am currently in charge of Phenol Production. My roles include ensuring the smooth and stable operations of Mitsui Chemical (Singapore)’s plant, implementing the production plans, maintaining and updating documents for audits, and ensuring that local mandatory rules and regulations are strictly complied.

Having been part of Mitsui Chemicals since October 1998, I have been given the opportunity to experience the launch of Mitsui Chemical’s new plant in Singapore. I joined as a Technician, was promoted through the ranks to Senior Technician then Supervisor, then to Production Superintendent, and eventually Assistant Manager.

I, together with a team comprising of people from different backgrounds and nationalities, worked on the field to successfully start the first Bisphenol-A (BPA) plant outside of Japan in 1999 and was transferred to Phenol plant in 2010.
Embracing diversity and challenges, I have established myself as a professional with rich experiences.