Shussen Krishnakumar

Shussen Krishnakumar

Senior Process Technician, Production Department, Mitsui Elastomers Singapore (Singapore)

“Someone who strives to build and improve their career and personal development would find that Mitsui Chemicals offers the necessary environment to grow professionally and personally.
In my time at Mitsui Chemicals, I’ve gone for various training and courses locally and overseas, like in Japan when I was trained for my new role as an Acting Supervisor.”

Shussen Krishnakumar

Country experience / Singapore.
Product experience / TAFMER™, VME™ Polymer.

I am a Senior Process Technician with DCS operation experience. Leaving my job in India to carve out a career in Singapore, my first overseas job in Singapore was at Mitsui Chemicals.

During my time at Mitsui Chemicals, I have gone for various trainings and courses in Japan where I had firsthand experience at the mother plant in Japan. In turn, my responsibilities have evolved to now be the trainer and guide for new technicians at Mitsui Chemicals. Apart from that, One of my job satisfaction derives from troubleshooting different problems and solving plant troubles. Since the start of my appointment with Mitsui Chemicals, I have been promoted to a Senior Process Technician.