We live in a world based on our five senses.
As we squint looking up to the gleaming sun,
and listen to the steady fall of raindrops,
we can feel the warm sand on the palm of our hands,
and breathe in the scent of the trees and grass.
Fascinated by the joy and mystery nature provides,
we have received many things from the earth,
and have managed to come up with a myriad of “materials”.

So that gives us even more reason to savor them, living in a world full of materials that continue to support our lives in many different places and situations.
So let us FEEL the creative energy of all things around us, undisturbed by preconceptions;
which could be all shiny and bright, boasting their presence,
so comfortable and nurturing, and ever so flexible.
Shining lights, tapping and patting, or shaking and mixing.
Not just limited to functions and figures, depending on whatever form they exist in, and how we appreciate them, in all their brilliance, the materials can unexpectedly surprise and show us what they really have in store.
Mitsui Chemicals with over a century of material and technology has made fascinating new discoveries.
Explore with us these new horizons and new sensations.
We can be more straightforward and open-minded, be free and more innovative, and hope to share new discoveries, innovative ideas, and awe-inspiring possibilities.
We call this MOLp™ (Mitsui Chemicals Material Oriented Laboratory),
a laboratory for the fusion of intuition and science.
Welcome to the wonderful universe of dazzling materials,
experienced through our five senses!

MOLp™ =

“Fusion of Intuition and Science”


MOLp™ is an open laboratory project by the Mitsui Chemicals Group which aims to discover the hidden enchantment and functional value of materials by making full use of multiple senses.
MOLp™ invites you to share our innovative ideas and solutions.

About Mitsui Chemicals

Mitsui Chemicals’ roots can be traced back to 1912 when it began producing raw material for chemical fertilizers from coal gas byproducts, the first company in Japan to do so.
This undertaking significantly contributed to increasing agricultural productivity, a major social issue at the time. Later, the company evolved its technology from coal chemicals to gas chemicals, and in 1958 it built Japan’s first petrochemical complex.
Mitsui Chemicals will continue to solve social challenges in the Mobility, Health Care, and Food & Packaging domains with its state-of-the-art technology and by "Creating New Customer Value through Innovation".