Unpredictable resonations spreading into a whole new expanse of sounds.


When someone delivers a voice in the forest and mountains, the sound resonates, repeating itself, over and over.
Our ancestors called this mysterious echo, a KODAMA, which represents the spirits of the trees.
Clack! Clackety-clack! Now imagine a sound emitted when hitting something glass or metal and hearing that unexpected ring. It then resonates into a mysterious echo.
Here that sound lingers somewhat profoundly, but now with a plastic sound that comes quite unexpected.
This could be the sound you may hear.


Cyclo Olefin Copolymer“APEL™”

APEL™” is Mitsui Chemicals’ proprietary multi-functional transparent resin developed using original polymerization technologies. Excellent optical properties make it ideal for smartphone and digital camera lens units.
High chemical stability and chemical resistance also make it an ideal material for medical blister packaging (PTP) and syringes.

<Horizons of Material>

  • ●Listen to the harmonious resonance and beautiful sounds which are discordant with preconceptions of plastics. It is a grand discovery of MOLp™.
  • ● This new discovery has opened the doors to the study of physical properties of plastics and sounds.
  • ● The shape was made possible through rotational molding, and used for the first time with APEL™.
    MOLp™ challenges design freedom and molding suitable for small-lot productions.
  • ● MOLp™ will expand the horizons of “monozukuri” through the “sound” of plastics.


KODAMA on display at Furin Noren Street

KODAMA was on display at Furin Noren Street, an exhibition held in Tokyo Midtown from Friday, July 14 to Thursday, August 31, 2017. The event presented furin wind bells of different materials and designs, such as the Edo Furin made of glass and ceramic ones, which were suspended in the Galleria building in Tokyo Midtown. As you passed under the noren curtain, you could watch the suspended bells swing and create a refreshing sound.

Creative Partner

Manabu Tago
President, Art Director and Designer, MTDO

Manabu Tago is currently involved in providing comprehensive design from conception to manufacture in a diverse range of industries as well as creating new values for society. Also he teachs at Keio University, Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo University of the Arts, and Kumamoto University.

Japanese chemical companies, like Mitsui Chemicals, have histories that span over a century. They own a significant share of the commercial material that is widely used around the world. Yet, this fact is not widely known. Researchers need to be more proactive in increasing possibilities to realize their full potential and make breakthroughs to higher dimensions.
That is the aim of MOLp™.
When considering design from the aspect of “lifestyle”, I always wanted to approach it from the standpoint of “material”. I am confident that creative development not relying on market trends will lead the way to new discoveries that will change the future.