A cushion made from STABiO™ is filled solely with air

Photography: Yasuko Furukawa


A lace cushion without stuffing
The soft white color with a transparent look accentuates the fine lace patterns. No stitches can be seen, but when you press the cushion firmly, it has a solid feel that provides support. It is an air cushion that makes anyone touching it feel strange.
STABiO™ does not merely provide you with comfort. It adds an amazing new experience to the actions of reclining on it and feeling it.


STABiO™ (PDI™ Polyisocyanate)

Developed by Mitsui Chemicals ahead of any other company in the world, STABiO™ has many different characteristics that are not available in existing polyurethane materials.
It adds a wide variety of functions and feels to different products, ranging from hard items to soft items. When used in coating materials, it helps to repair minor scratches on the surface. Although conventional urethane coating materials have the issue of deterioration after coming into contact with powerful chemicals, it resolves the problem with enhanced chemical resistance. In the form of a gel, it has a peculiar softness and high repulsion that differ from those of silicone. These properties accelerate the development of the material in applications where a new texture is sought. In addition, its environmentally friendly features cannot be overlooked.
Please keep a close watch on the future that will be created by STABiO™, which has been created using the organic synthesis technology that Mitsui Chemicals has cultivated for years.

<Horizons of Material>

  • ● It does not turn yellow. It allows the level of firmness to be adjusted. It has a unique texture and excellent elasticity and transferability.
  • ● Derived from plants and with a high degree of responsiveness, it helps shorten the coating and adhesion process and reduce CO2 through improved productivity.
  • ● The urethane material, which is usually used as stuffing material for cushions, is not employed as a surface material. A structural design that achieves both elasticity and softness has been achieved in creating the product.
  • ●The combination of a high level of elasticity and softness that are not available in conventional resins with structural calculations and designs will expand the horizons toward creating new products.


LACE on display at the Selection of 10 New Materials at LIVING & DESIGN 2017

LACE was on display at the section for the Selection of 10 New Materials at the LIVING & DESIGN 2017 exhibition, which took place at the Osaka Bay Area ATC Hall from Wednesday to Friday October 11 to 13, 2017. This exhibition is based on a project according to which designers present new materials that are not widely known, their applications and excellent technologies to be noted.

Creative Partner

YOY / design studio

YOY is a design studio that was jointly founded in 2011 by Naoki Ono, a spatial designer, and Yuki Yamamoto, a product designer. It produces works on the theme of design between spaces and objects. Its works are sold at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and around the world, and the studio has won numerous awards in Japan and overseas. The two designers have been part-time teachers at Musashino Art University since 2015. In April 2016, YOY held a private exhibition in Milan.