A plate created by integrating metal with resin

Photography: Masayuki Hayashi


Wood, metal, resin and other materials have long stimulated people's creativity. POLYMETAC™ is a technology that integrates metal with resin.
The metal-resin integrated plate induces us to identify the different materials it consists of, such as natural materials. When the plate materials are transformed into products, they blur the boundaries between materials and products. Take a look at the form in which a metal and a resin are integrated, as well as the resonance of its texture, to discover its potential.


POLYMETAC™ (Metal and Resin Integration Technology)

Today, there are needs to reduce weight and the number of manufacturing processes in the automotive sector and the electronics sector, and the shift to multi-material integration is gathering momentum. Mitsui Chemicals’ POLYMETAC™ is a metal-resin integration technology for strongly bonding various combinations of metals and resins in a manner that was formerly impossible. It is Mitsui Chemicals’ latest solution that fulfills the needs for the reduction of both weight and manufacturing processes.
POLYMETAC™ involves the special treatment of a metal to form fine pores of nanometer to micrometer size, and a resin is then poured into them to achieve physically strong adhesion and connection. This results in greater stability in terms of adhesion strength than conventional adhesion. It helps to reduce instability or the age deterioration of components and improve rigidity.

<Horizons of Material>

  • ●By magnifying the surface to make the principle of adhesion recognizable, the product itself was expressed as an appealing new material that induces creation.
  • ●With the use of the conductivity of the metal, the plate itself was proposed as lighting.
  • ●In view of its high level of adhesion strength, a multi-material product was created by merely punching a plate.
  • ●By widening of the range of expression by combining different materials, the horizons towards creating new products will be expanded.


deposition on display at the Salone del Mobile Milano

On the basis of the POLYMETAC™ technology, disposition was on display at the Salone del Mobile Milano from April 4 to 9, 2017. It was proposed as a new material that combines metal with resin to stimulate human creativity. The lighting without wiring presents the potential of this unprecedented new material.

Creative Partner

TAKT PROJECT / Satoshi Yoshiizumi

Co-founded TAKT PROJECT Inc.in 2013. Carries out various projects for Creating Other Possibilities under the slogan of DESIGN THINK+DO TANK. Voluntarily or in response to invitations, exhibits experimental works as well as works ordered by clients at the Salone del Mobile and other events and has won a Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Awards and many more.