The light of water actualized by hydrophilicity

Photography : Masayuki Hayashi


The material is so water-friendly that it collects water and joins with water.
Water that quivers like the morning dew produces fantastic light and shade. The beauty of the accumulated water and the tension of a droplet that clings although it appears to fall off may be likened to the ephemerality of morning dew. Take a look at the atmosphere created by NOSTRA™ hydrophilic coating material.


NOSTRA™ (Hydrophilic coating material)

NOSTRA™ is an ultraviolet (UV) curable coating material with a very high level of hydrophilicity and hard coating performance developed with Mitsui Chemicals’ original concept and molecule design technology.NOSTRA™ Coating adds superior anti-fouling, anti-fog, abrasion-resistant, anti-static and quick-dry properties.
NOSTRA™ is accumulated on the surface to solidify with UV curable resins with enhanced intermolecular strength. This design provides NOSTRA™ with unprecedented characteristics, specifically water resistance and wear resistant properties as well as a high level of hydrophilicity that was unable to be reached with organic materials. Another feature is that a highly hydrophilic film is generated merely by irradiating it with ultraviolet light for just a few seconds after coating and drying. This means that NOSTRA™ is so friendly to the environment that it reduces volatile substances in production worksites and helps achieve energy conservation and greater productivity. NOSTRA™ has potential for use in a wide variety of applications, given that it can be used for coating many different materials.

<Horizons of Material>

  • ●Hydrophilicity keeps beautiful droplets in a tense state in which they do not fall off while they look as if they are about to.
  • ●The optimal volume of droplets and the amount of coating material are coordinated to create gorgeous shade.
  • ●A new expression of ultra-hydrophilicity will expand the horizons towards creating new products.
Photography : Daisuke Oki
Photo courtesy of Toyama Prefectural
Museum of Art & Design


Exhibited at the Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art & Design

cuddle was exhibited at the Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design in Art & Design, dialogue with materials, which was held from November 16, 2017 to Janualy 8. With the theme of materials and their transformation, it demonstrates the appeal of materials as well as art and design inspired by materials.

Creative Partner

we+ / Toshiya Hayashi, Hokuto Ando

A contemporary design studio that was established in 2013. It engages in direction and design in many different domains and pursues experimental approaches with the use of different technologies and special materials. Its works are presented not only in exhibitions in Japan and overseas, but also at Gallery S. Bensimon in Paris, Rossana Orlandi in Milan and other design galleries.