Enhances Optical Design Freedom
Multi-functional, Transparent Resin.

APEL™ has excellent optical balance.


High Refractive Index

Even among amorphous polyolefins, it boasts the highest refractive index, and offers superior correction of aberration.Due to the high degree of design freedom, it is commonly used in devices like smartphones and is ideal for highly transparent optical lenses and components.

《 Refractive index and Abbe’s number 》

Refractive index and Abbe’s number

Low Birefringence

By its nature, APEL™ has little optical anisotropy or birefringence.With excellent AR coating properties, it is even used in fields like head-mounted displays (HMD).

《 Test Results (Comparison with COP) 》

Test Results (Comparison with COP)

High Transparency

High light transmittance in the visible light range (400 to 800 nm).

《 Transparency 》


High Heat Resistance

The substance is resistant to yellowing and deformation, even under high temperatures. Little thermal dependency in its mechanical properties.

《 Heat Resistance 125℃ Test Results》

Heat Resistance 125℃ Test Results

《 Change in Refractive Index 》

Change in Refractive Index

High Moisture Resistance

With the lowest moisture permeability coefficient among transparent resins, it is ideal for packaging materials that demand moisture resistance.

《 O2 Transmittance and Moisture Permeability 》

O2 Transmittance and Moisture Permeability

Dimensional Stability

Its non-crystalline nature gives it excellent dimensional accuracy that does not change due to water absorption. Compared to PC, APEL™ absorbs little moisture and is excellent in terms of dimensional stability.

《 Dimensional Rate of Change due to Water Absorption 》

Dimensional Rate of Change due to Water Absorption

Electrical Characteristics

It has excellent electrical characteristics, a fundamental feature of polyolefins, as well as excellent high-frequency characteristics.

《 Dielectric loss and Dielectric constant 》

Dielectric loss and Dielectric constant

Chemical Resistance

As it is chemically stable, it demonstrates high chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and polar solvents.

《 Comparison with Various Resins in Chemical Resistance 》

△:Caution ×:Not good
APEL™ is highly resistant to acids, alkalis, and polar solvents, which is necessary for bioanalysis cell and medical packaging.

(Code) ××:Dissolves ×:Dissolves partially △:Swells ○:No change
Test method: Cut out a 10mm square test piece from a 2mm thick square plate and immerse.