The Vision Care Materials
Division of Mitsui Chemicals

Quality of View (QoV) for All

Founded in Japan in 1912, Mitsui Chemicals got its start in coal chemistry and petrochemistry. The company has since expanded into a range of other chemistry-related fields. Today, it’s a member of the Mitsui Group. Mitsui Chemicals has developed a vast series of innovative products, producing everything from eyeglass lens materials and other health care materials to automotive materials, electronics, and IT materials to materials for daily necessities and the environmental and energy industries, and packaging materials. Mitsui Chemicals strives to improve the lives of all.
We offer more than 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing optical lens technology for global markets. The monomer resins in our MR™-brand products are used to make some of the most reliable high R.I. (refractive index) lenses available anywhere in the world. In addition to a full range of lens materials from high to low R.I., Mitsui Chemicals offers diverse vision care solutions. Our functional lens materials and special coating materials support better health and offer higher comfort. We supply products to lens manufacturers the world over.
True to our concept "Quality of View (QoV)", Mitsui Chemicals remains committed to the development of vision correction products and products that improve the health and comfort of the eyes. In this way, we hope to bring to people a clearer view of the world.

Quality of View

MR™ by Mitsui Chemicals

  • UV+420cut™
  • SunSensors™
  • NeoContrast™
  • UrbanPola™
  • Do Green™

History of the Vision Care Materials Division of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

As a pioneer in the development of high R.I. lenses material, we’ve developed innovative lens materials and steadily added companies offering associated technologies to our group to offer optimal solutions for the needs of all optical lens users.

Started development of high index lens materials
Commercial release of MR-6™, world's first thiourethane high R.I. ophthalmic lens material (R.I. 1.60)
Commercial release of MR-7™, world's first ophthalmic lens material with refractive index of 1.67
Commercial release of MR-10™ (R.I. 1.67)
Commercial release of MR-8™ (R.I. 1.60)
Commercial release of MR-174™ (R.I. 1.74)
Acquisition of SDC Technologies, Inc. (USA), a California-based premium coating material company
Acquisition of Film Specialties, Inc. (USA), an anti-fogging coating specialty company, by SDC Technologies, Inc.
Acquisition of Acomon group, a Switzerland- and Italy-based lens material company and among the global leaders in low R.I. lens materials
Mitsui Chemicals becomes majority shareholder of KOC Solution, a Korea- and China-based lens material company specializing in medium to high R.I. lens materials
Acquisition of photochromic materials from Corning Inc. (USA)
Acquisition of LTI Coating Technologies (USA), a manufacturer of UV-curing hard coating materials

Production, Quality Control and Environmental Responsibility

MR™ is produced and delivered according to strictly-controlled operation protocols to ensure the sustainable supply of high-quality materials to lens manufacturers.
The MR™ production plant is certified under ISO 9001. Strict precautions are taken not just in monomer production, but in packaging, storage, and logistics as well. All conceivable measures are taken to prevent accidents.
As a chemicals company that has obtained OHSAS 18001 certification, workplace environment and safety are top priorities. The MR™ plant is certified under ISO 14001. All operations are based on great consideration to minimize environmental impact.

Global Network

MR™ and RAV 7™ sales, marketing, and technical service are overseen from the MCI global headquarters in Japan and seven regional headquarters around the world. This allows the provision of rapid customer service in multiple languages for the highest customer satisfaction. Additionally, SDC Technologies, Inc./FSI Coating Technologies, Inc. and KOC Solution Co., Ltd. operate global networks to support their customers in their respective regions. Customer satisfaction is the MCI Group’s first priority.