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For over a century, the Mitsui Chemicals Group has continued to grow and respond to changing needs of society.
We trace our roots back over a century to the Mitsui coal mines in Kyushu, Japan. We have continued to evolve with the times by providing products to support a better lifestyle for all. As of March 31, 2020

  • Mitsui Mining Operations start at Omuta Works (current)
  • Establishment of Toyo Koatsu Industries Expansion of synthetic ammonia and chemical fertilizer business
  • Establishment of Mitsui Chemical Industry Strengthening of synthetic organic chemistry business
  • 1948 World's first large-scale production of urea for fertilizer Contribution to stable food supplies
  • Establishment of Mitsui Petrochemical Industries Eight Mitsui Group companies join hands in petrochemical business
  • 1958 year Japan's first ethylene plant Contributing to petrochemical development of Japan's high-growth period Japan's first industrialization of polyethylene
  • Establishment of Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals Start as a diversified chemical company
  • 1997 Establishment of Mitsui Chemicals A diversified chemical company with a global presence
  • 1990s to 2000s Rapid globalization Establishment of strategic production sites and global supply networks PP cmpound (U.S.) TAFMER™(Singapore)

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Overseas Sales

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To bolster our global presence, the Mitsui Chemicals Group has aggressively expanded its overseas business.
By fiscal 2018, our overseas sales that comprised 17% of total sales in fiscal 1997 grew to 45%.
As of March 31, 2020












Asia excluding Japan and China

Overseas Sales 45%


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The Mitsui Chemicals Group believes in the power of diversity.
One of our strengths is our people. Working around the world at what they do good, our diverse team continues to do even better.
As of March 31, 2021

Japan 8,996

欧州 1,100人

Asia 1,175

China 758

America 1,387

Others 7

Asia excluding Japan and China

Oversees employees 41%

Operating Income Target

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Billion Yen

2025 Long-Term Business Plan started.
We are tirelessly working to develop solutions to major social issues facing humankind around the world by balancing economic, environmental, and social concerns while pursuing sustainability in harmony with society.

Target Portfolio


Business domains

The Mitsui Chemicals Group will revolutionize its business portfolio to capitalize on its strengths.
We are targeting four business domains to drive growth while strengthening our Basic Materials which are important in supporting society and industry.

Targeted growth drivers





Food & Packaging


Next Generation


Business domains that support society and industry

Basic Materials


Addressing needs of all modes of human and commodity transportation


Improving quality of life (QOL) and happiness through better health in an aging society


Reducing food loss and waste, stabilizing agricultural production, and bolstering food safety and reliability


Create solution & system businesses through open innovations for future growth.


Supporting society and industries by providing platform materials and technologies


Mitsui Chemicals Solutions

The chemical industry is important in supporting development and comfortable lifestyles of people around the world.
The Mitsui Chemicals Group will continue to contribute to society through its innovative, performance-driven products and technologies and help make the world a better place for all as a leading solution provider.

Global No.1

Ophthalmic Lens Materials Click

Asia No.2

High Performance Hygienic Nonwovens Click

Global No.2

Automotive PP Compound Materials Click

Japan No.1

Highly Functional Sealants Click

Japan No.2

Hybrid Rice Seeds Click

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