Application of package technology to resolve a social issue

Photogrphy: Takahiro Kojima (Hakuhodo Product's Inc. )


In the event of a disaster or in refugee camps, it is difficult to obtain both clean water and essential nutrients. To resolve this issue, we have endeavored to apply package technology.
An unprecedented package has been created in which water and nutrient ingredients are stored separately. They are mixed together after the package is squeezed.
Simply squeeze it tightly, and the Lock & PeelTM will deliver water and nutrition to those who need them.


Lock & Peel™ (Polyolefin Polymer)

Developed by Du Pont-Mitsui Polychemicals Co., Ltd., Lock & Peel™ resin is a new material that produces either a complete seal or an easy-to-peel feature depending on the heat sealing temperature at the time of manufacturing the package.
With these features, the material is increasingly used for packages that have two separate compartments, for food and cosmetics.
A two-compartment bag refers to a form of packaging where two different contents are packed in a single unit.
With Lock & Peel™, two different contents can be separately preserved in a single package, and they can be mixed together in a single operation at the time of use.
This provides users with a pleasant experience of change caused by mixing the two different contents. It is highly rated as a new package with experience value and helps prolong the expiration date and reduce food losses.Furthermore, it embodies the universal design concept in the form of mixing through a single operation in many applications.

<Horizons of Material>

  • ● Two seal statuses can be achieved with a single material. It is proposed for a new single package preserving and carrying different contents that can be mixed together in a single operation at the time of use.
  • ● It extends the expiration date of the content, increases convenience and adds new experiential value to the package.
  • ● The combination of the two seal statuses with the value of the package design in terms of experience will expand the horizons towards creating new products.
Photography: JCV


Donation to Vaccination Support for Children in Laos

One-Coin Club, Mitsui Chemicals' CSR activities, donated BCG vaccines and ice packs based on the Lock & Peel™ double room package technology under the program of Vaccination Support for Children in Laos together with the Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World's Children (JCV). This support program offers essential BCG vaccines to 200,000 children each year.
When transporting vaccines in Laos, it is challenging to work in the severe environment due to the heat. To overcome this challenge, double room packages containing urea and water were prepared and provided. A squeeze of the package triggers an endothermic reaction, making the package cooler. This helps ease the severe working environment. After use, the content may be used as fertilizer.

Creative Partner

Kazoo Sato / Executive creative director, TBWA HAKUHODO

Born in Yokohama in 1973, Kazoo Sato is an executive creative director for TBWA HAKUHODO.
He has won at least 150 domestic and overseas awards with his Big Idea that transcends the framework of media.
He has been named as a member of the jury for several international advertising awards, including the film category of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. He was a Creator of the Year medalist.