ARLEN high heat-resistant polyamide with superior property balance

About ARLRN™ About ARLRN™

ARLEN is a brand of modified polyamide 6T that Mitsui Chemicals developed for the first time in the world in the 1980s and has evolved while boasting achievements in automotive and electric fields. This high-functional resin with a good balance of high heat resistance and low water absorption enables wider product design with excellent strength and rigidity. A wide product lineup, including high-strength type, halogen/zero-halogen flame-retardant types that are compatible with lead-free solder enhances design freedom.


  • For electic

    The reason why ARLEN is chosen in electronic component applications such as various types of connectors, jacks, and switches is explained.

  • On-vehicle

    The characteristics suitable for electrical components, such as connectors, mechanism elements related to brakes, and sliding parts, are introduced.