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Age Assist

We know that with age, human vision tends to acquire a yellowish tint,
accompanied by declining contrast sensitivity.
The NeoContrast™ View Assist Lens restores the visual clarity of your youth.


NeoContrast™ increases visual response speed, allowing you to recognize traffic signs faster.
You can wear NeoContrast™ comfortably not just in daytime,
but in the shade and at night, where normal sunglasses will be too dark.

Watching Sports

NeoContrast™ makes everything you see clearer.
Blue skies look bluer and the white of the ball looks whiter, you’ll enjoy the game more.

Sports / eSports

NeoContrast™ increases contrast sensitivity and visual response speed.
Look forward to a clearer, more vivid field of view. Spot moving objects faster.

Verifying the effectiveness of the lens
with professional athletes and ordinary users

We had 38 members of Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles team—players, the field manager, and coaches—wear eyewear fitted with NeoContrast™ lenses.
They found it “much easier to spot moving balls.”

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Sports spectators and drivers' experience survey

Do you feel NeoContrast™
helps you see better?
It helps me see better. 91%
What’s your impression
of NeoContrast™?
Easier to see while driving. 82%

*Survey by Mitsui Chemicals Inc.
In the survey, eyeglasses fitted with NeoContrast™ lenses were handed out to 102 baseball spectators and 134 truck drivers.