TPX [TM] Heat ResistancexReleasabilityxTransparency = A High-Performance Plastic Made in Japan


  • iconReleasability

    Surface Tension: 24mN/m

  • iconHeat Resistance

    Melting Point: 220 - 240 ℃

  • iconTransparency

    Haze: <5 %

  • Low
    Dielectric Property
  • Light
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Gas Permeability
  • Steam Resistance

A Functional Resin that Creates
High-value-added Products

TPX™ from Mitsui Chemicals is a transparent plastic (Polymethylpentene) that is heat resistant and boasts superior releasability. It is one of the lightest polymer materials among thermoplastic plastics for commercial use, and can be used for a wide range of your purposes.

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