Superior Characteristics of TPX™

  • iconReleasability

    Surface Tension: 24mN/m

  • iconHeat Resistance

    Melting Point: 220 - 240 ℃

  • iconTransparency

    Haze: <5 %

  • Low
    Dielectric Property
  • Light
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Gas Permeability
  • Steam Resistance
  • image of Heat Resistance

    Heat Resistance

    It has high melting point and can be used at high temperature.
    (Melting Point: 220 - 240 ℃)

  • image of Releasability


    Excellent in peeling property, difficult to adhere to various substances, and can be easily peeled off even if it adheres.
    (Surface Tension 24: mN / m)

  • image of Heat Resistance


    We are proud of the excellent transparency which is equivalent to glass and acrylic.
    (Haze: <5 %)

  • image of Gas Permeability

    Gas Permeability

    Due to its molecular structure, it is easier to transmit gas than other resins. You can take advantage of this characteristic to use TPX™ actively in fields such as gas separation membranes.

  • image of Chemical Resistance

    Chemical Resistance

    It is excellent in chemical resistance. Especially it has high durability against acid, alkali, and alcohol.

  • image of Steam Resistance

    Steam Resistance

    Water absorption rate is extremely low and steam sterilization is necessary. It is used for medical instruments, animal cage, and so on.

  • image of Food Sanitation

    Food Sanitation

    We have available properties that meet various the Japanese regulation tests, the US FDA, and the EU food regulations.

  • image of Low Refractive Index

    Low Refractive Index

    It has a refractive index of 1.463nD20, which is lowest after fluororesin. You can use TPX™ as a low refractive index material.

  • image of Light Plastic

    Light Plastic

    The density of TPX™ is lower than other resins, therefore, weight reduction of the product is possible. (833kg / m3)

  • image of Low Dielectric property

    Low Dielectric Property

    It has high insulation properties, equivalent to fluororesin.

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