Compliance Program

Rules of Applicable laws

Grades Certifications for Each Country Food Packaging Material
Japan U.S.A EU China
RT18/RT18XB conformed conformed conformed  
RT31/RT31XB conformed conformed conformed  
DX845 conformed conformed conformed  
DX820 conformed conformed conformed  
MX004/MX004B conformed conformed    
MX002O conformed conformed    
MBZ230(A) conformed conformed    

[Applicable laws and regulation]

Japan: Japan Hygienic Olefin and Styrene Plastics Association
United States: Code of Federal Regulations Title 21
EU: Regulation (EU) 10/2011
China: GB4806.6-2016 and GB9685-2016


The written contents in this brochure are based on information and data, etc. currently available. Please note that we do not provide any future warranty about the written content. Nor do we provide any warranty about products you manufacture using our products.
If you plan to use the product for a food packaging application, please inquire with us about details of regulations (such as SML of the substance).
With regard to products you have manufactured by processing our products, please check and determine their safety and conformity at your responsibility before handling them.

Safety Data Sheet