Users can select the optimal MR™ material
for their individual needs.

Featuring high refractive index, high Abbe number, low specific gravity, and good tintability,
the MR™ lineup includes lenses with various different refractive indexes.
Choices for MR™ products are made by lens makers based on the intended purpose and desired optical power.
When ordering lenses, look for the MR™ trademark on the lens package or envelope.
Or check with your supplier to determine whether the lenses you order are MR™ lenses.

*All properties are representative measurement figures obtained under specified test methods at Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. and not guaranteed as specifications.

Refractive Index 1.60MR-8™

This is the standard high R.I. lens material.
Compared to other lens materials of the same refractive index,
the exceptionally high Abbe number means minimal chromatic aberration in the visual periphery
and an ideal balance of properties such as impact resistance and thermal resistance.

Abbe Number νe=41 / Heat Distortion Temp. 118ºC

*In addition to the MR-8™, the R.I. 1.60 MR™ lineup includes the MR-6™, MR-8™plus, MR-20™, and MR-90™, depending on combination of materials.


We recommend the R.I. 1.60 MR™ for a wide range of designs and purposes and for optical powers ranging from nearsightedness to presbyopia.

Refractive Index 1.67MR-7™/MR-10™

This lineup features a balance of lens thinness, lightness, and high impact resistance.
The MR-7™ offers good tintability. The MR-10™ offers superb thermal resistance.

Abbe Number νe=31 / Heat Distortion Temp. 85ºC
Abbe Number νe=31 / Heat Distortion Temp. 100ºC(MR-10™)

We recommend the R.I. 1.67 MR™ for users who are uncomfortable with thick or heavy high-powered lenses. The MR-7™ with its good tintability is ideal for sunglasses and fashion-oriented glasses. The heat-resistant MR-10™ lens offers added safety for use under challenging temperature conditions.

Refractive Index 1.74MR-174™

This lens material makes it possible to produce ultra-thin lens of the highest refractive index.
Additionally, this Do Green™ product is made using plant-derived materials.

Abbe Number νe=32 / Heat Distortion Temp. 78ºC

We recommend the R.I. 1.74 MR™ for users looking for the ultimate in thinnes, as well as those who are especially eco-conscious or prefer the highest possible quality.