Technology & Development

TAFMER™ is a pioneer and has continued to be the leading name in the field of Polymer Modification. It is a history of meeting customer needs with state-of-the-art technology and passion.

1971 - Beginning

TAFMER™ was launched in 1971. It was the first of its kind ever to specifically target Polyolefin Modification and was warmly welcomed by the global market.

1997 - Breakthrough

Mitsui Chemicals succeeded in commissioning the world's first metallocene catalyst based polyolefin plant, specifically designed to produce elastomer. This technological breakthrough enabled Mitsui Chemicals to achieve both production efficiency and a broad product range catering to ever diversifying customer needs in the global market.

2003 - Expansion

The first overseas production site was established in Singapore - the first step towards becoming the global leader. Two production lines, both of which are dedicated purely to produce elastomer, are the largest of their kind with a total production capacity of 200KM tons a year.

2005 - Innovation

The launch of TAFMER™ PN Series revolutionized the understanding of elastomer. Combining the softness of elastomer and the heat resistance of polypropylene, TAFMER™ PN Series offered characteristics that were previously thought to be impossible.