PE Modification

TAFMER™ DF & A Series

It is not an easy task to fulfil complex property requirements arising from ever diversifying market with a single material.

TAFMER™ DF & A Series are designed to cater for the needs of PE modification. Its low crystalline structure and low melting point, together with an excellent miscibility with PE, TAFMER™ DF & A Series are capable of providing PE with unique characteristics such as low temperature heat sealability, improved ductility, pinhole resistance and impact resistance, without sacrificing properties of base material.

PP Modification

PP is used in wide range of applications due to its excellent mechanical properties, and needs of PP modification are diversifying. Three TAFMER™ series have been developed to accommodate those market needs.

TAFMER™ DF & A Series

TAFMER™ DF & A Series form a phase-separated morphology when mixed with PP, improving impact strength, without sacrificing stiffness of base resin.


TAFMER™ XM Series offers improved heat seal properties, such as low temperature heat sealability, hot tack and heat seal strength in packaging film application.


TAFMER™ PN Series is a unique propylene based elastomer with perfect miscibility with PP. It offers similar modification effect on impact resistance as TAFMER™ DF & A Series without sacrificing transparency. Its unique characteristics also function as stress whitening inhibitor, offering improved hinge property in various molded products.

EVA Modification

TAFMER™ DF & A Series

Softness of TAFMER™ DF & A Series lies in the similar range to that of EVA. It is therefore suitable to use TAFMER™ DF & A in combination with EVA. It is not, however, a simple replacement but an enhancer of mechanical properties. TAFMER™ DF & A which possess linear polymer structure exhibit superior mechanical properties compared to EVA.


TAFMER™ PN Series is a unique propylene based elastomer designed and developed to accommodate requirement for higher heat resistance. An excellent property balance of TAFMER™ PN Series, between softness and high softening point, provides EVA with improved heat resistance, without sacrificing other properties.

EP Modification

TAFMER™ M Series

Engineering Plastics (EPs) like Polyamide (PA), Polyester, Polyphenylsulfone (PPS) are popular EPs used in various applications. Its low temperature properties, especially brittleness temperature and cold impact resistance, however, have been the issue of concern. TAFMER™ M Series is designed to overcome the issue, not simply by low glass transition temperature, but also by adding ability to interact with EPs chemically.