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    Film AB agents

    Improves the scratch-resistant and sliding properties of olefin-based films, contributing to the development of mono-materials

Characteristics of MIPELON AB agent usage

Strong mechanical properties, durability, good dispersion, good morphology

Examples of use and evaluation

OPP protect film
Addition to the sealant layer of LDPE, food films

Issues with current materials in the field of AB agents

A characteristic of polyolefin film is the tendency of adjacent layers to stick to one another due to strong Van der Waals forces and static electricity.
This is referred to as blocking, and at times has an adverse impact on film. To solve this, inorganic materials such as silica or zeolite are used as blocking materials, but these materials can easily fall off the film and due to their hardness, there is a risk of damaging the film manufacturing equipment itself. Moreover, in recent years the development of mono-material films has been pursued to enhance the recyclability of plastic films.


MIPELON PM-200C is a high-performance substitute in place of inorganic additives when applied to film. Characteristics of MIPELON include particles with a spherical shape and narrow particle size distribution.
Additionally, as MIPELON is a polyethylene, it is highly compatible with olefin-based films.
Due to these characteristics, even when added to a film, high dispersability and good morphology can be obtained.

By adding MIPELON, excellent mechanical properties, high durability and excellent dispersability can be obtained.


Advantages of film

Additionally, as MIPELON itself possesses strong sliding properties, even when only a small amount is added to a film, strong sliding and blocking performance can be attained. Accordingly, even when added in a small amounts, sufficient anti-blocking performance can be obtained.

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Advantages of film
<Measurement Conditions>
- Single layer 40μm film: slip test between films, test piece width of 63.5mm, test speed of 100 mm / min., load of 200g→load capacity 200g

Additionally, due to the high abrasion resistance, softness and resistance to fall off possessed by MIPELON itself, when a test to rub films against one another is performed, the number of scratch marks and number of particles that detach declines. Due to these properties, there is a reduced likelihood of printing defects or manufacturing line anomalies and an increase in production efficiency compared with inorganic additives. Since MIPELON is also softer than silica, there is less likelihood of it damaging a canning machine, reducing the frequency of machine trouble.

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Reciprocation Numbers

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