About us

Quality vision for all.

Founded in 1912, Mitsui Chemicals got its start in coal chemistry and petrochemistry. The company has since expanded into a range of other chemistry-related fields, and today is a member of the Mitsui Group. Mitsui Chemicals has developed scores of innovative products, producing everything from eyeglass lens materials and other health care-related materials to automotive materials, electronics and information materials to life, environment and energy materials, and even packaging materials. Mitsui Chemicals supports the growth of industry as it contributes to better living.

We have over 30 years' experience developing and manufacturing optical lenses for the global market. The monomer resins in our MR™ Series are used to make some of the most reliable high RI (refractive index) lenses available anywhere in the world.

Mitsui Chemicals offers a full range of vision care solutions in the form of high RI and lower RI lens materials, functional lens materials for better health and comfort, and special coating technologies. We are a supplier to lens manufacturers the world over.

Mitsui Chemicals will continue to pursue its commitment to product development aimed at vision correction and improving the health and comfort of the eyes, to bring people a better view of the world.

Quality of View

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