Performance test video

Filtering performance was compared
using clear lenses and sunglasses.

UV and visible light were shined at a model of the eye. A variety of lenses were inserted between the light source and eye, and measurements were taken to see whether 400–420 nm light reached the retina at the back of the eye.

Photo: UV+420cut™ demo kit

Clear lens comparison (video)

Most regular clear lenses:

These lenses cut UV light while transmitting all the visible light, so even the high-energy visible light (400–420 nm) can reach the retina.

Clear lenses with UV+420cut™ technology:

These lenses filter out UV and high-energy visible light (400–420 nm), while the image being viewed stays nice and clear.

Sunglass comparison (video)

Most regular sunglass lenses:

The darkness of the lens is not always indicative of how well it blocks. Most sunglasses block UV light, but allow HEV light (400–420 nm) to pass through and ultimately reach the retina.

Sunglass lenses with UV+420cut™ technology:

These lenses block both UV and HEV light in the 400–420 nm part of the spectrum.