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Protect your eyes, and make it a habit!

UV+420cut™ technology can be used in making corrective eyewear, non-corrective "fashion eyewear", and sunglasses. Lenses with UV+420cut™ technology can be used by people of all ages, in almost any situation.

UV+420cut™ technology:
for all ages and most any situation.

Photo: UV+420cut™ and kids


In young people, the crystalline lenses are especially transparent, which means their retinas are more susceptible to damage*1. Make a lifelong habit of protecting your eyes with corrective eyewear or non-corrective fashioneyewear made with UV+420cut™ technology.

Photo: UV+420cut™ and adults


With more adults spending time on outdoor activities, the high-energy portion of sunlight can pose serious risks. Make a habit of caring for the health of your eyes and look good at the same time using eyewear made with UV+420cut™ technology.

Photo: UV+420cut™ and seniors


Most seniors know someone who has experienced eye problems such as cataracts or age-related macular degeneration. To help keep vision clear into old age, choose eyewear made with UV+420cut™ technology, which cuts out a broader spectrum of wavelengths of high energy light.


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