Brand message
『 We're reshaping the world
from a material level 』

We explore the materials of materials.

Convenience stores have started charging for plastic bags,
while coffee shops have abandoned plastic straws for paper ones.
The world is transitioning away from plastic amid growing
consciousness of waste and other environmental problems.

But plastic offers so much convenience and user-friendliness that
it is now an integral part of our daily life.
Used in every single industry, plastic cannot be eliminated entirely.
Simply renouncing plastic use will inevitably reach a limit at some point.
We need a new way of thinking to ensure we are ready for that day.

We explore the materials of materials.
Under the banner of Green Theory 2030, the Mitsui Chemicals Group
will push ahead with reforming plastic rather than renouncing plastic.
We have launched BePLAYER™ and RePLAYER™ initiatives
to realize our goals of carbon neutrality and a circular economy.
These initiatives are aimed at achieving social progress by involving
everyone as a player.

Under BePLAYER™, we will help the transition to bio-based society
to solve the problem of climate change.
For example, we will use bio-based hydrocarbons generated from used cooking oil to produce plastic materials.
This enables us to create bio-based versions of materials once seen as too difficult to produce from biomass, and will help
to substantially reduce GHG emissions across society.

Under RePLAYER™, we will rethink the way we handle plastic waste
and other waste products and reuse them as resources.
By developing new materials, recycling systems and value chains, we will create a robust circular economy loop that
encompasses a broader part of society.

Our approach of exploring the materials of materials is an important challenge for us,
one that is focused on the huge goals of achieving carbon neutrality and a circular economy.

Working with our business partners and consumers, we will steadily reshape the world, one step at a time,
starting with the materials of materials.

Mitsui Chemicals Group

We’re reshaping the world
from a material level.

Thoughts put into BePLAYER / RePLAYER

It's PEOPLE who always bring about changes in society

In order to realize a circular economy and carbon-neutral society,
it is important for each person to act as a PLAYER and start moving.

As Mitsui Chemicals, which inherits the spirit of "Human Mitsui",
let's become a PLAYER that creates the future together
while enjoying change with partner companies, customers, and consumers
who make up the value chain.

Future for carbon neutrality with bio-based hydrocarbons

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    Reforming plastics rather than renouncing plastics.
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Mitsui Chemicals' vision for the future

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    BePLAYER™ and RePLAYER™ - For the Future

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    We’re reshaping the world from a material level.

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