Termination of Mitsui Chemicals' Efforts to Tackle the Y2K Problem

May 10, 2000
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Y2K Committee

Since the Y2K Emergency Center was dissolved on January 5, 2000, we have coped with the troubles related to the Year 2000 problem (“Y2K Problem”) in the course of conducting our day-to-day activity, and our Y2K Committee has kept track with the status of occurrence of such troubles and the implementation of corrective measures therefor.

As a result, we have successfully got over the leap day (February 29) without problem, and have confirmed that there will be no problem in processing the accounts for fiscal 1999 to settle them. This has assured us that there will be no trouble occurring from now on, and we will terminate on May 10 our activity of tackling the Y2K Problem.

We are pleased to note that we have successfully coped with the Y2K Problem without any particular trouble and would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to our business partners and affiliates for your kind cooperation extended to us over a long time.

We wish to add that from now on, we will review our risk management system, putting our experience in the Y2K Problem to good use, and improve our system for dealing with new problems, such as the security problem in the information society.