Information on dividend policies and profit distribution.

Disclosure of Information to Shareholders

Our top priority is to expand operations to enhance our corporate value, while we also consider giving profits back to our shareholders to be another of our critical management priorities.

We adopt a holistic approach to profit sharing, including returning profits to our shareholders and increasing retained earnings in preparation for strategic growth and expansion in the future.

Under our policy on shareholder returns, in addition to continually raising dividends in line with performance trends, we will flexibly acquire treasury stock depending on the stock price and market environment, therefore to enhance returns to shareholders.
Specifically, we will aim to achieve a total return ratio of 30% or more.

Note: Total return ratio = (dividends paid + treasury stock acquired) / profit attributable to owners of parent

We use retained earnings to improve our performance, through initiatives such as actively investing in our business portfolio to facilitate further growth and expansion, and stepping up research and development to create innovative new technologies.

Trends in per-share dividend