Open Innovation Initiatives

The Mitsui Chemicals Group is constantly pursuing innovation and growth to become a chemical group with an undisputed global presence.
Where do the new needs exist in today’s greatly changing world, and what kinds of technologies are needed to create the future society that we envisage? In its efforts to create this kind of new customer value, in the field of R&D, Mitsui Chemicals is pursuing not only day to day R&D activities, but also open innovation. Through joint research in association with universities, research institutions both in Japan and overseas, and various business enterprises—including venture companies—we are sowing the seeds for completely new business through maximum utilization and fusion of mutually shared knowledge, insights and technologies.

About Tech Finder

Tech Finder is one of the Mitsui Chemicals Group’s open innovation initiatives. It is an exchange meeting, which centers around the concept of introducing the Group’s products, technologies and services through seeing, touching and feeling.
The power of chemistry, which transforms various substances and materials into their most ideal shape and form, is essential in achieving the realization of a sustainable society and creating a world in which people can live in happiness.
Participants in the exchange meeting include not only researchers, but also a diverse range of other participants from both within and outside the company. The proactive discussions and exchanges of ideas that take place at each of the various exhibition booths offer opportunities which sow the seeds for new joint research topics and new businesses.
By continuing to hold these events on a regular basis in the future, we will seek to strengthen our collaborations with others as we tackle the challenges of R&D for creating a better future.

Tech Finder