Technology Licensing

Mitsui Chemicals has been licensing various technologies throughout the world since 1954.

The following are Mitsui Chemicals' proprietary technologies available for licensing. If you are interested in Mitsui Chemicals' technologies, please feel free to contact our Division for details.

Polymer Technologies

1. HDPE (CX Process)

Bimodal slurry phase process to produce high quality HMW-HDPE for ultra-thin film, small & large blow molding and gas/water pipes including PE-100.

2. PP

Sophisticated hybrid (Bulk Loop/Gas) process with Mitsui's proprietary high yield, high stereo-specificity catalyst (HY-HS Catalyst) to produce excellent polypropylene homopolymer and random/impact copolymers.

3. PS

Continuous bulk process with the specific characteristics.

PS Process Brochure

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Monomer Technologies

4. Acetone Recycle

Unique process to convert acetone into high purity propylene to acquire flexibility of phenol/acetone production.

5. Acrylamide

Patented innovative Bio-process to steadily produce high-quality Acrylamide (AAM) with reduced environmental impact.

Support items to Licensees

Mitsui Chemicals provides comprehensive support packages from training through marketing to ensure smooth start-up of licensed technology.
In case of CX process license,

  • Process design packages (PDP)
  • Detailed engineering and construction reviews
  • Operating instruction manuals
  • Licensee training at CX technology-commercial plant and R&D facilities:
    -Programs in operation, maintenance, and analytical testing procedures
    -Programs in product application and marketing
  • On-site training, commissioning and start-up assistance
  • Updates and new information in process and technical improvements
  • Other technical support in commercial operations including:
    -Troubleshooting for plant operations and product marketing
    -On-site operational assistance by engineer(s)
    -De-bottlenecking and plant optimization support
    -Periodic licensor & licensees meetings